The 5th avenue in New York is again the most expensive shopping street in the world.

For a foot Earth New York, pr f rez avoid 5th avenue. C l bre art re commer ante of Big Apple comes to regain her rank, t te of the classification of the avenues the res ch of the world. If you you ent were, it thus averaging you co would 29 822 euros per m tre carr and probably much more with the corner of Central Park. Two years ago, Hong Kong had thrilled New York the first place in the standings. But since one year, the rental value of property situ s in this art re anim e has chut 6.8%, while those of the 5th avenue jumped 13.3%. In Paris however, nothing moves and the Elys field es retain the troisi me place on the podium. Throughout the United States, o the recovery of the economy and the strength of tourism have supported the request for signs in several cities, rental values have grimp of 10.6% this year, notes the firm Cushman & Wakefield, in a diffuse laser opportunity MAPIC, this exhibition of commercial real estate that stands until Friday Cannes. The 5th Avenue is embl of the boiling of the march from the shops U.S. am and, more g typically of strat gies of signs pr your pay the price premium for a showcase of the best locations in the largest global live m, explains Christian Dubois, Director General of Cushman & Wakefield France. The top of the avenue (Upper Fifth Avenue), the supported b n receives also the e arrival of new prestigious entrants, such as Microsoft that if appr will open its first shop in own. Champs-lys es Paris appear in troisi me position in the standings, 13. 255 euros the tre carr m. They remain art re commer ante la ch re in Europe before New Bond Street London, m me if its rental values, after of the record increases in 2012 and 2013, remain stable this year. This relative standstill is in no way a sign of a d program for the signs, whose demand remains strong but is facing the s extr extremely opportunit limit number of implantation on the avenue, says Mr. Dubois. � . You should click the following site to learn more regarding this interesting topic.

Coal: Billions for the power companies.

Currently the electricity market in Germany is completely in disarray. The wide range of eco-electricity leads to falling stock prices, the prices for CO2 pollution rights in the basement are also due to an oversupply of certificates. As a result, it is attractive to produce coal-based electricity than to invest in climate protection for the power companies. Investments in efficient, but expensive gas power plants, which are urgently needed for energy transformation, not pay. An absurd development in the energy turn country Germany.    When such billions on the horizon, one might suspect that the power companies voluntarily reduce the number of its power plants. Although they have applied for partial decommissioning, but the number is not enough to have a significant effect. As so often, it is: no one wants to be the first. Finally everyone with current power plants will benefit from rising prices. The shakeout happened not by alone, Rocholl said. . Additional facts can be inspected checking fact.

Danilo Petrucci: MotoGp? Now travels on the road.

Ride a MotoGP bike, strange, attractive, terribly fast, it’s cool, and it’s not for everyone. Engineers are well aware and large motorcycle factory that occasionally, raising his eyes from the numbers written on their computers, meet the gaze of the pilot just dropped from the bike, that racing, after a good time or a good race.   Moreover, a motorcycle is an emotion. And the factories run on the track, but the dealership sell emotions. I guess while they wonder: "Why not to drive at all?". But all who? No, you are not thinking about putting on the street real MotoGP or Superbikes? No, not now, now "there èlacrisi". The PAGE instead, I took a look at what’s new: EICMA International bicycle and motorcycle, Milan. The great builders and enthusiasts have all round them, in Italy. Ducati, Honda, Yamaha, BMW, Kawasaki, Aprilia, Suzuki. All larger responded to the appeal. Many horses. News, lots of technical data with their numbers I leave them to the sheets, those you use to remember almost immediately. Instead, emotions are. They are all beautiful, and innovative enough to seem too avant garde. Go and see them live, you, the dealer, but I tell you this before: the risk. You can check the following to learn more on this interesting matter.

Immigration, obsession of the British political debate.

No possible doubt about his vote. On the facade of his house, Stefan Quick hung placards Ukip and the cross of saint George flag crossed out the words "England". «I am not racist, accurate to at the outset this father without employment.» But immigrants arrive and are in the pot to which we have contributed for years. We are a small country, a sovereign nation, our resources should enjoy priority in the British. "The former Labour elector will vote Thursday to Mark Reckless, former Conservative MP who resigned to represent the Parliament under the colors of the party europhobe and anti-immigration Ukip (United Kingdom Independence Party) to Rochester (Kent), a 50 km to the East of London. The defector is favourite, with 12 to 15 points ahead in the polls. If he wins, it will be the second elected Ukip at Westminster, after the triumphal election of another conservative former, Douglas Carswell, early October. On the eve of the ballot, Mark Reckless launched a paving stone in the pond by announcing that the present European immigrants in Britain should return to their country of origin in the event of withdrawal from the countries of the European Union. In the nearby Italian cafe of its permanence of campaign, on the main street in Rochester, he tries to reassure. "We have no problem with the French in London, which make a positive contribution, tempers it. The problem, these are Eastern and southern Europeans who are pushing downward on wages and obstacle to the use of the British. "The charming small medieval city founded by the Roman invaders, Saxon and Norman, with its castle, its antique shops and tea rooms, then not overburdened yet not under the weight of immigration. The proportion of residents born abroad is 9.3%, three points below the average national. The unemployment rate is less than 3%. Clacton-on-sea, where Douglas Carswell, was elected immigrants make up barely more than 4% of the local population. The subject ousted economic issues to be at the heart of the debate for the legislative elections of may 2015. "This reflects the feeling of a threatened British identity, regardless of whether or not your neighbors are immigrants. This is the subject that comes up most in electoral door-to-door. No policy can be quite unconscious to ignore", warns Alp Mehmet, of the Migration Watch association, which campaigns for a drastic reduction in arrivals. Failure of David Cameronà honour its promise to divide by 2.5 the migratory balance during his tenure made the bed of Ukip. While he was hired to bring it back below the 100. 000 people a year, the figure has increased to 243. 000 last year. Half comes from the European Union, a stream on which the Government has no control because of the principle of freedom of movement within the EU. "For Ukip, leave Europe and close our borders is the answer to all problems," said Naushabah Khan, labour candidate in Rochester, daughter of Pakistani and kenyan immigrants. Embarrassed, the left has beautiful game stigmatize "one-upmanship between the Tories and Ukip", this does not prevent him to participate. Labour has announced his project to deprive European immigrants unemployment benefits for two years after their arrival to put end to the "social tourism". Political and media obsession leaves no room for reflection. "There is a very lively anecdotal debate. If we look at the figures, it is clear that European immigration a contribution tax than the British strain,"said Christian Dustmann, Professor at University College London. In a recent study, it shows that the European migrants reported some 25 billion euro net British budget between 2001 and 2011. Economists, business leaders and a few rare policy has alarmed economic consequences of a closure of the borders. But "no political leader has the courage to say that immigration benefits the United Kingdom", regrets Atul Hatwal, of the association Migration Matters. . You must click the following link to learn more on this great topic.

Judicial responsibility, go-ahead 3 grease secret votes on 10.

Senate President Pietro Grasso gave the go-ahead to 3 out of ten requests to vote by secret ballot on the amendments to the Civil Liability of magistrates ddl. This is the 2. 104 (Stefani) that defines the scope of negligence; (Caliendo) 2.117 that extends the negligence to cases where no account shall be taken, without specifying reasons, pronunciations of the sections joined the Court of Cassation and, finally, Caliendo (2.130) which defines the manner of determining the apparent breach of EU law with regard to the case-law of the Court of Justice. Once justified the exclusion of the remaining amendments, the Chamber began the exam and the vote of individual amendments. Compatibly with the votes by secret ballot, it is estimated that you come to a final vote on the measure by tonight. The Government has tabled two amendments. The first, on recourse, provides that the President of the Council within 3 years from the compensation "was based on a court order or court order, has the obligation to exercise the action of recourse against the judge in the case of denial of Justice, or in cases where a manifest infringement of the law and European Union law or misrepresentation of fact or evidence, were determined by intent or gross negligence is inexcusable. " The other amendment to delete the words "and appropriate" from the text of article 2 of the decision. Which means that it does not constitute "gross negligence" to have issued an interim injunction or real "without specific and adequate motivation." "I claim on my side the political conviction that the civil liability of judges is a deterrent, historically identified by any opinion of our country, to make the justice system," said Buemi at the opening of general debate on the Bill. On civil liability of judges said, inter alia, Justice Minister Andrea Orlando to call Maurizio Belpietro, "We hope to proceed by ordinary, but we have a deadline of 31 December, within which we must intervene on this matter because the European Union has a procedure which otherwise becomes enforceable, since the European Court condemned because our system is not adequate compensation for those affected by a mistake in the application of Community law ".  Therefore, "We hope to arrive with the ordinary law, otherwise we shall proceed by Decree". . Root source may be read visiting this

Trenord, new Board Ad is Cinzia Farisè.

Today was held the general meeting of Trenord during which the two Trenord members, Fnm and Trenitalia, appointed the new Board of Directors of the company that operates the rail transport in Lombardy. The new Trenord Board members: Adnan Saleh, 57 years old, degree in engineering, Trenitalia CEO, Cinzia Farisè, 50 years old, degree in economics, Daniela Chiappini, 51 years old, degree in engineering, industrial logistics Director Trenitalia, Enrico Grigliatti, 58 years old, degree in economics, Director of administration, finance and control Trenitalia, Massimo Slivers, 57 years old, degree in lawAdministrative Director, Fnm, Antonella Tiraboschi, 54 years, Attorney, Legal Affairs Director Fnm. The shareholders ‘ meeting appointed Saleh as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Trenord. FNM and Trenitalia have also indicated Farisè as the new CEO. The new Board is entirely composed of managers with specific competence in the field of rail transport, with experiences in different sectors of activity. "In thanking all those who have contributed during these years, Norberto Achilles, Fnm, President and CEO Vincenzo Soprano, Trenitalia, hoping that the new Board of Trenord can fulfill the need to relaunch the project regional transportation service in the light of the imminent appointment of the 2015 World Expo". Trenord is the company formed by Fnm and Trenitalia (joint with the 50%) for the management of railway transport in Lombardy. There are more than 4 employees. 000, daily 2 races. 300 and more than 670 travellers. 000, You should read the following reference to discover more on this amazing subject.

Soon the free wifi everywhere in New York?

New York recycles its telephone booths in Wifi hot-spot.  Ten thousand free terminals could soon replace them in the five boroughs of New York, announced the City Hall. It said choosing the CityBridge consortium for the project entitled LinkNYC, this as the largest and fastest free municipal wifi network in the world. The project must still be approved by the Commission in review of Franchises and Concessions next month. Specifically, these terminals would allow a ultra fast internet access 24 hours a day and seven days a week, within a radius of 45 metres and its users will also call for free in the 50 US States, according to the Town Hall, seek their way via a touch screen, visit the same way the city services, or call 911 and 311 emergency services. They will also be able to recharge phones and tablets. Users will need to connect once, on first use, and the connection will then be automatic, regardless of the Terminal near which they are located. . Root facts may be studied visiting this home page.

Apartments building is becoming increasingly expensive.

A housing company paid the GdW in 2004/2005 for a new apartment in a multi-storey building around 1680 euros per square meter of living area, so the construction of a comparable real estate cost already 2470 euros per square meter 2012/2013. Thus, construction costs are increased in this period by 47 percent. Most had increased prices in densely populated areas. While the spending of the companies of the GdW 2013 for the construction of new homes were highly differentiated in regions. While the housing associations in the old Federal States for new buildings around spent 2.7 billion euros, they invested only 430 million euros in the new Länder. Particularly strong construction activity was followed measured investment in Baden-Württemberg (916 million euro), by North Rhine-Westphalia (605 million euros) and Bavaria (545 million euros). Bremen with 11 million euro and the Saarland with 4 million euro were tail light in terms of construction. "Total are now so high that a new building under ten euros no longer pays rent per square metre," says in a statement of the Association, which represents 3,000 private, municipal and cooperative housing corporations. According to own statements the members of the Union, with 6 million apartments operate almost 30 per cent of all rental apartments in Germany. Particularly higher prices for land, as well as stricter requirements to save energy and barrier-free building drove the cost of new buildings in the height. But also labour and materials have become more expensive. According to GdW alone the fees for architectural and engineering services in the construction rose in the past five years to about 30 percent. To get a larger expenses for authorisations, which causes additional costs. Despite the higher construction costs it is worth for the housing industry but obviously still have to invest in new buildings. As figures of the Federal Statistical Office show, authorised the construction of in 2013 of around 272 400 apartments, around 31 000 more than in the previous year. Especially apartments in multi-apartment houses grew with strong 11 percent. One – and two-family homes were clearly unpopular among the builders with about 2 percent. . You can check this to learn more about this interesting subject.

State of the Russian army: old iron and nuclear bombs.

To see what international military observers in September 2013 onto the practice field Chmeljowka in the Kaliningrad region, got, impressed them. not all what it liked. In the summing-up to the maneuvers of Sapad (West), units of the Russian and Belarusian army rehearsed taking a seaside town by sea and from the air. Masked special forces fought the terrorists, who himself had set on the coast, so the official scenario 1000. The idea, like could some kilometres further East take place, are some Western analysts today, however, a bad feeling. There, the coastal towns of the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – members of NATO, but an attack from Russia are hardly prepared. So far had seen no cause at the NATO headquarters in Brussels. The policy of the Alliance was designed to work with Russia, even though it was difficult. Moscow is not satisfied with its role as a partner in the NATO-Russia Council and wanted to always be accepted Gleichberechtigter as. For the same reason the Russian leadership refused to participate in exercises in NATO’s programme of partnership for peace. Nevertheless French and Russians practiced once in a year together the air defence. And Russians and Americans conducted along air landing maneuver – even in the United States, even in Russia. While military experts agree: even an occupation of the territory, which the separatists call new Russia – from the East of Ukraine along the coast of the Azov and the Black Sea to the borders of the Republic of Moldova – would overwhelm the Russian army in the long term. The ships that tick Putin to the G-20 Summit before Australia had, rather belong to the old iron; the bomber, who wants to let future fly Defense Minister Sergej Schojgu in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Caribbean, would be an easy prey of the American air defence in an emergency, if they were not accompanied by fighter pilots. But lacking suitable bases in the region. The Moscow defence expert Alexander Golz estimates that about 80 percent of the technology in the Russian army are 30 to 40 years old. That the expenditure on armaments under Putin have increased much, therefore have his permission. Finally, Russia have great need to catch up after the decline in the 1990s. The question is where the money is spent. Corruption is a big problem in the Russian defense. Hybrid warfare against the Ukraine is also a sign of the weakness of the Russian armed forces, says Joachim Krause, head of the Institute for security policy in Kiel. In response to the experiences of two Chechen wars, Russia has reformed by 2008 to his army. Large divisions of 10 000 men, that were designed during the cold war for a confrontation with the opposing block smaller brigades are replaced with 3,000 troops – mobile and flexible, as in the fight against terrorists. . Inspirational source could be studied checking this

Thomas Bach’s Olympic reform: Less cost, more contests.

The most important amendments of the package, which is not a final document and that on 8 and 9 December decides the 127th General Assembly in Monaco, concerning the application process and the holding of Olympic Games. The IOC has made to cost reduction and transparency after alone in the ongoing competition for the Winter Olympics 2022 in five countries citizens decisions or decisions by elected representatives have resulted in the setting of applications: in the Switzerland (Grisons), in Germany (Munich), in Sweden (Stockholm), in Poland (Krakow) and in Norway (Oslo). After also Lviv due to the tense situation in the Ukraine had to withdraw, remained only two applicants from States with democracy deficits: Almaty in Kazakhstan and the Chinese capital Beijing with Zhangjiakou Olympic applications to become a partnership process. The previous two application phases shall be added a third: to file at the beginning of interested cities and countries together with the IOC on concepts. Then, it enters the so-called applicant city phase, it comes to the first assessment, on the basis of which the candidates for the final round are named. This passage will disappoint especially an IOC member living in Zurich: Joseph Blatter, in his capacity as President of FIFA ex officio the IOC belongs to, completed his eighth Decade of life March 2016. At least then he has to leave the IOC. . For extra facts on this topic read