Teachers and parents are waiting for “clarifications”.

Responding to criticism that right, followed his appointment to the Ministry of Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, who had defended the famous equal ABCD, wanted to show firm Wednesday morning: "unnecessary controversy, sterile debates, the unbearable instrumentalisations of the school will not have place in the Ministry which is mine", warned the new Minister asked on France Info. "One of my main responsibilities is to ensure that parents can have confidence in the school, that the French know that school, it is the number 1 of the Republican ambition tool," she added. "Children will learn values such as equality, and particularly between girls and boys. These are principles to which I wish more than anything, I will defend. It also intends to pursue the delicate reform school rhythms, which sparked numerous controversies since its implementation in 2013. "This reform has been the subject of a first round of experimentation and more than 80% of mayors and personnel who had to implement were very satisfied," said the Minister, adding: "We will ensure that flexibility is left according to the situation to consolidate school activities on a single afternoon or several days". As for its future roadmap, the young Minister said that it would be "in continuity of Vincent Peillon and Benoît Hamon, who has done a beautiful job’. "I must implement the policy announced by François Holland in 2012, namely priority to education that we are again proud of our school", she said. Statements that seem to have rather reassured teachers ‘ unions and parent-teacher associations, who were concerned to see changes in the education policy of the Government. "Among the names that were cited (at the time of the reshuffle, Editor’s note), it is probably one that opens more possibilities", explains to the Figaro Frédérique Rollet, General Secretary of the SNES-FSU. "Given that it is very involved on issues of social equalities, I think it will be interesting to be able to work with it," continues the Union responsible for evoking reform priority education presented by Vincent Peillon. "It should nevertheless clarify its positions and intentions on the theory of the kind that sticks it to the skin for a long time, warns his side Valérie Marty, Chairperson of the Peep (Federation of parents of public school students). ” It takes parents, very concerned on this subject, to know what it intends to do, even if it is far from being a priority topic. Same story in teacher Union Snalc: "to enter into the complexity of the Department, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem must exceed its commitments and his activism" believed as early as Tuesday his Vice President, Albert-Jean-Menon. Reform of college, annual calendar, national conference on the evaluation of students, preparation of the common base of knowledge and skills that all students must master at the end of their compulsory education,. Parents of students as teachers unions hope especially that the new recruit will quickly launch these files by hand. "It will also face the crisis of confidence affecting teachers in the 1st degree, warns Sébastien Sihr, the SNUipp-FSU, first Union’s primary. ” It is urgent to tackle the continuing education and wage inequalities between teachers of schools and certified teachers of second degree. All agree to acknowledge the fact that she is the first woman to hold the post of Minister of National Education. "Symbolically, it shows that equality man woman is possible including national education", says Paul Raoult. "The empowerment of women through education, it is very important that this message is passed," said Frédérique Rollet. High school students are also says "proud" Najat Vallaud-Belkacem to be the first woman Minister of National Education. Disappointed by previous Ministers, Union the FIDL already asked by way of press release to meet the new tenant in the rue de Grenelle. They want to discuss issues, such as school at the Lycée, overloaded classes rhythms and the lack of teachers, or violence in schools. . Main data can be studied visiting this homepage.

Syria: Freed U.S. journalist again at home.

The U.S. journalist Peter Theo Curtis freed after two years hostage in Syria is back in his homeland. I am overwhelmed that this day has come, and my son is beside me, his mother Nancy explained. She took before the 45th at the Boston airport, reception. The author and journalist in turn issued a statement, saying: I can not believe in words how I am touched and moved by all the people who come to me today to welcome me: stranger on the plane, the flight attendants, and especially my family. He thanked all representatives of the U.S., who who had campaigned for his release, and the Government of Qatar. According to his family, Curtis had been captured in October 2012. Since then he has been in the hands of the Syrian Al Qaeda offshoot, the Al-Nusra front, or allied groups. According to the United Nations, Curtis passed the UN blue helmets in the Golan Heights on Sunday afternoon. His release came less than a week after the brutal killing of US journalist James Foley. This had been captured in Syria also 2012. A few days ago, jihadists had distributed a video showing his execution. A for the jihadists fighting U.S. citizen was meanwhile killed in Syria. This was announced by the speaker of the National Security Council, Caitlin Hayden, in Washington. To the circumstances she did not further details. However, Hayden stressed: we use every means available to any us single people to hold, to go abroad, and to join the Jihad. In addition, returnees in the United States would closely. According to media reports, the killed Americans fought for the Dschihadistengruppe Islamic State (IS), in Syria, as well as in the Iraq controlled areas and called a Caliphate. According to the opposition Middle Syrian Observatory for human rights in Syria alone, the Group has more than 50 000 combatants, approximately 20 000 from abroad had come of them. . For more insights regarding this topic check http://3ppp3.ingyenesenletolthetokonyvek.net.

First Ebola patient in Hamburg.

For the first time since the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is treated an infected patient in Germany. The ill employee of the World Health Organization (WHO) arrived on Wednesday in Hamburg, as reported by a spokesman of the Hamburg health authorities. The transport plan envisaged that the man aboard a special Jet at the business aviation centre of Hamburg airport lands. Then, the Fire Department should bring him with an insulating ambulance at the treatment center for highly contagious diseases at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE). According to information of the "image" newspaper, the man was treated so far in Sierra Leone. The Ebola virus is one of the world’s most dangerous pathogens. Among other things, it can cause fever and severe bleeding. The spokesman of the Hamburg health authorities but stressed there is no danger for the people in Hamburg. An infection was only in direct contact with a patient is possible – through body fluids. The World Health Organization have asked when the UKE, whether employees in Hamburg could be treated. In coordination with the health authority, the decision had fallen then can get the patient in the Hanseatic City. Medical assistants in unprecedented with the virus have been infected with the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. So far more than 240 doctors, nurses and other helpers have contracted according to the WHO, of which more than 120 have died. . You can check this http://3ppp3.ingyenesenletolthetokonyvek.net to learn extra about this amazing subject.

Experiment in Berlin-wedding: the 30-Euro private school.

Swing disperse abacuses and sucking on lollipops: 24 student race or shuffle in the afternoon from a disused post office in Berlin-wedding. Behind them, the first day of school is located on the new, private quinoa secondary school Рand this day is, when it comes to school founder Fiona Brunk, nothing less than a departure of the education. Therefore the school is financed almost exclusively by State funding and donations. She will need about half a million euros in the first year. Companies, private individuals and foundations took over sponsorship for the student and pay the three teachers and a social worker. Most parents add only 30 euros a month for the school lunches. Fees how to correct private schools pay only those who can Рand based on the Berlin kindergarten fees, are depending on income between about 50 and some over 100 euros a month. As well as the class teacher, the school founders learn daily. It was a long way to opening: Brunk and D̦ring negotiated with the district centre about a school and won the Montessori School Foundation. Because that is State-approved, the State of Berlin financed the school from the outset about a quarter. Brunk and D̦ring sent fundraiser going on Рand Florentina Limaj. The 21 year old is getingelt for six months by the elementary schools of the district and has campaigned for the quinoa school. She pushed the students brochures in German and Turkish in the hand and prepaid cards, with which the parents could enroll their children. . For more insights about this subject visit http://3ppp3.ingyenesenletolthetokonyvek.net.

Trouble Dobrindt plan: Merkel wants to rest in the toll dispute.

In allusion to plans of the North Rhine-Westphalian CDU land group in the Bundestag, in the coming days to take a decision against the toll, Tauber urged the parliamentarians to clarify open questions in the interview. You could invite ministers Dobrindt in the one or other group meeting. This can certainly contribute to the clarity, Tauber said. The mirror reports on plans of the North Rhine-Westphalia CDU, to stop the toll, in its current issue. North Rhine-Westphalia CDU land Chief Armin Laschet made on Monday of next front against the plans. He hold the concept, each district road to be mauten, wrong, underscore the CDU federal deputy in Düsseldorf. The Landtag groups of the CDU and FDP pitched even a request, who called on the Red Green Government to oppose the current plans. Such a levy of infrastructure would be downright fatal for the border regions in North Rhine-Westphalia, it says in the paper. . Main facts could be studied visiting the following home page.

Renzi: we change the Italy, we clear our priorities.

The Italians have so many expectations in the action of this Government that "match this expectation is not easy, but shakes the wrists". Word of the premier Matteo Renzi in a message sent to the opening of the Festival Dell ‘ Unità di Bologna. Remembering the victory to that "gave us an enormous responsibility" and "the load of a mandate of a mission almost, by more than 11 million voters, but that applies to everyone," said the President of the Council, but points the finger at what we are to do a lesson on the priorities that we have very clear ". What are these priorities? "The concern of Italy, its ability to meet its commitments," especially "in the midst of our EU Presidency." And this, says Renzi, "is the way of the thousand days, the usual suspects have wanted to read as a slowdown of our action and instead change is on the horizon, the depth and intensity of a term". The intervention at the unit led him to speak of the Democratic Party. "The Democratic Party Today is watched throughout Europe, and not just as a reference, sometimes referred to as a model by our Socialist partners, as in the past we used us with the British New Labour or the German Neue Mitte", says Matteo Renzi. "This is a responsibility that we have as Democrats and that we not there in a shrine, as a trophy, but as an investment in our future-premier-continues. A cute party, networking, poking in the territory as a nail, pledged not to words on equality, open to the world, curious, ambitious, intransigent on the rights to defend, as we did by returning home or going into Iraq Meriam saying to refugees who flee from terror that Europe is there with them. " . You should click the following http://3ppp3.ingyenesenletolthetokonyvek.net to discover more about this amazing matter.

France Télévisions continued his weight loss cure.

Still in very difficult circumstances, France Televisions will continue its efforts in 2014-2015 savings and again reduce its workforce in order to regain balance in 2015 accounts, announced the leaders of the audiovisual group Tuesday. Between fewer public resources that provided – the amending Finance Act of the summer has again cropped its grant of 7 million – and advertising revenue again down, France Télévisions continued an unprecedented savings plan, said Finance Director Fabrice Lacroix. The public group believes that it will achieve its goal of a return balance next year, after a deficit of 85 million in 2013 mainly due to restructuring costs. Apart from these costs, net income 2013 was close to balance, better than expected. In the first half of 2014, the group however saw its advertising revenue decline by 3.5% year on year, as the overall advertising market, is a shortfall of some EUR 5 million, said Rémy Pflimlin. Its numbers have been reduced by 371 posts time equivalent (FTE) in 2013, returning at 10. 120 FTES. And its payroll decreased last year, a rarity among public groups, launched Mr. Lacroix. For 2014, the Group has implemented a plan of voluntary departure for 340 positions, for which it has already received more than 400 applications, said human resources Director, Patrice Papet. Between 2011 and 2015, we will have reduced the strength of 650 FTES, an unprecedented effort, he said. France Télévisions is 9. 750 FTES in 2015, as stipulated by its contract of objectives and means (COM) concluded with the State. It also reduced its rate of permanent, including the intermittents du spectacle, to 14.5% of the workforce compared with 18% in 2012. -Recruitment to the eyedropper – the Group continues to tighten all bolts with recruitment now in the dropper (36 last year, excluding CSD starts), research of savings on all budgets, the renegotiations with suppliers and regular audits of its recurring programs. In a difficult context, with an amplified one year to the next crisis, we will have to make choices, said the Chairman of the group, Rémy Pflimlin. From our initial COM 2011, France Televisions will have 300 million of resources less than initially expected. Instead of 3.15 billion, we will have 2.85 billion, noted Mr. Lacroix. The Group welcomes however to have allocated about EUR 400 million to the creation last year and preserved in its efforts of economies, global resources to the programs. Rémy Pflimlin, whose mandate ends next summer, has claimed a new reflection on the possibility of advertising after 20 hours. Band 8 pm – 9 pm would allow us to have powerful screens, including at halftime of sporting events, which would finance them, he pleaded, while acknowledging that a reform in this sense was for the moment not on the bench. He also wished, like the President of Arte Véronique Cayla, that the TV fee be extended to households with a computer. He also refused to say whether it would be candidate for a new term, considering the need that the company takes on its projects and not on (its) person. The CEO of France Televisons also considered that the Group had achieved its objectives of last year, with an increase in attendance at his site’s TV catch-up Pluzz, which exceeds regular basis 100 million videos views per month and reaches more than a billion videos seen in 2014. Other marks, Francetvinfo which has risen among the five most visited news sites. The information Director, Thierry Thuillier, also indicated that the proposed merger of the editorial offices of France 2 and France 3 would be implemented in the second half of 2015. . You can read this http://3ppp3.ingyenesenletolthetokonyvek.net to learn more about this interesting matter.

Departure from Benoît Hamon: should we be worried for back to school?

Do not give the impression of escape, it is precisely what is former Minister since Monday night. On France 2, Benǫt Hamon hammered his great pride to have been Minister of National Education, five months, and said that the school had been well prepared. As proof, a 20 page document published Tuesday morning by his press service. Entitled a school at the service of substantive equality: the action of Benǫt Hamon, it lists the main axes of his Рshort Рterm, including the budget, networks education priority, digital or equal girls and boys at school. Certainly, the successor to Vincent Peillon is used to alleviate school time with its Decree of 7 may 2014qui brings together the extracurricular activities in only half a day, and to consider an extension of the school year by decreasing vacations. In addition, it boasts having obtained the 60 peacekeeping. 000 new posts promised during the quinquennium. But for the educational world, this last-minute departure although Tomb more than evil. This cabinet reshuffle does not help to bring the appeasement school needs, regret S̩bastien Sihr, first the primary Union SNUipp-FSU. Will a new Minister there be a new letter of mission? This is the political question that worries me, meets Christian Chevalier, SE-UNSA, who fear new turbulence. Paul Raoult, CIPF, first federation of parents of pupils, to quickly continue the reform of the school, begun in primary, but that remains to be done at the college and high school. Benǫt Hamon has opted to give priority to the politician on Minister, says Fr̩d̩ric S̬ve, of the Sgen-CFDT. We will see if there is a Minister or politician. . Main facts may be studied clicking this source.

Villa Epecuén in Argentina: A sunken paradise reappears.

Unreal. This is my first thought, when we get out of the car. We were just nowhere in the idyllic, now we are in the middle of the Apocalypse. The road ends abruptly before us, it is eclipsed by a centimeter-thick layer of silt – with our car we don’t come through here. From the horizon here winds to a narrow ditch on us, where dirty water is. Fliegenschwärme squat on the damp ground. Right and left side of the street bald trees lined the side of the road, stretch their leafless branches such as admonishing finger skyward. Silent witnesses to the destruction. Our visit begins in the former railway station of the city. Today, it houses a small museum, which preserves photos and remnants from the heyday of the town. Here we learn that the city was formed in the 1920s and soon blossomed to a popular holiday destination. Villa Epecuén is situated around 600 kilometres from Buenos Aires. The salinity of the Lago Epecuén is similar to the dead sea. He moved prosperous capital city and simple workers in the city, which soon had a reputation as an excellent health resort. While well-heeled ladies with spas refined her complexion, miners cured her lungs maltreated in the mines. At its peak, 25 found per year. 000 tourists live the way in the city, in the only 1500 people. The rush was so great that Villa Epecuén got an own railway connection. The beginning of the end began with a change in the weather. Year-long, the region suffered from an intense period of drought, resulting in the waters of the Lago Epecuén steadily retreated. To prevent that the dwindling Lake interrupts the flow of tourists, the regional government built 1978 a channel of Buenos Aires province, collecting water from distant waters and managed in six Lakes – the last of them: the Lago Epecuén. The danger, the Lago Epecuén could dry out, was banned. But apparently no one had considered the consequences of a period of rain. . You should visit this link to discover more on this interesting matter.

Breaking sweeps bath at the Emmys.

Equal to six the golden statue won actor Bryan Cranston’s team, five of them in major categories. And also the most important Emmy, who went for best drama series, for the second time in a row on breaking bad. Game of thrones was more than any other series (RTL II) nominated – 19 time! Most recently, there were four prizes, however in minor categories. As to be expected that were for the best costumes and best special effects. Also the makers of House of cards (Sat 1) might be disappointed. The series was nominated 13 times, won the only Emmy – and that only barely noticed category sound. House of cards never ran on television in the United States, but was produced for the streaming service Netflix. This also applies to orange is the new black of a young New Yorker of a well-off family who smuggles drugs from love and boredom and lands in the women’s prison. The series is a surprise success, and received three Emmys. Best comedy series was modern family (RTL Nitro) with ex-Al Bundy Ed O’Neill – for the fifth time in a row. The series was nominated ten times and won three statuettes. So, Ty Burrell was honored as best supporting actor in a comedy. The 47-year-old plays the infantile father Phil. Shortly thereafter, Allison Janney (54) got the female variant of the price for their role in MOM. There were the main actors Julia Louis-Dreyfus (veep, sky Atlantic HD) and Jim Parsons (the big bang theory, ProSieben). . Inspirational facts may be found checking the following http://3ppp3.ingyenesenletolthetokonyvek.net.