Abortion back on the rise.

The controversy around 3 and 4 generation pills did leave the number of abortions on the rise in France in 2013? This is what suggest the figures recently published by the Directorate of studies and statistics of the Ministry of health (Drees), cringe gynaecologists and Family Planning, while abortion precisely again raised political passions in recent months. At the bend of its balance sheet, 2012, which nourish a decade of stability, the Drees notes indeed that 207,000 IVG have been practised in 2013, which corresponds to an increase of 4.7% and some 10,000 additional abortions. Provisional figures, takes care to specify. On the ground, the reality of this increase and its cause are overall no doubt. "Alarm from January 2013, has pulled in the turmoil around 3 and 4 generation pills (Editor’s Note: accused of increasing the risk of thrombosis and embolism)", says Bernard Hedon, president of the college of Obstetricians (CNGOF) gynecologists. "The public to answer health messages were totally inconsistent: while ensuring that these pills were not dangerous, they were déremboursées! Could therefore even fear a wave similar to the pill scare (Editor’s Note: fear of the pill) which resulted in an increase of 13% of all abortions in Britain in 1995.  "So much better if the French ‘wave’ does not exceed the 5%:"Working to overcome everything in recalling that an unwanted pregnancy will be always more risky than any pill", says the doctor. Strasbourg’s CHU, Professor Israel Nisand shows bitter: "we played a very bad turn to women with this case. Managed with a great political clumsiness, it has even resulted in a snub to Europe which forced the France – that had removed it – to the Diane 35 pill on the market. When you put contraception curtain, do not be surprised to see Abortions increase! "it is booming. The increase, he saw: "in my service, 10%. The most serious is that it essentially struck the less privileged women, who were telling us: but why is that I’d take a pill which I hear everywhere that it kills? » Downtown IVG Keychain – Bluets, Paris, gynecologist obstetrician Philippe Faucher tempers: "If increase occurred, it is not an epidemic, or a health catastrophe!» Little figures are important to me: wanting women abort never, as long as the infallible contraceptive does not exist, is to imagine that every day from 17 to 45 years, they take the pill as a metronome. This is unthinkable,.  "For this doctor, who argues that all women have access to contraception of their choice freely and that suits them, what counts is also that they can have access to equal to abortion. What is still far from being the case everywhere: the National Confederation of Family Planning, it still points of beautiful territorial inequalities. Due to lack of organized structures to welcome in any season and within a period of 14 weeks of pregnancy, women are still obliged annually make the trip to Britain or Holland. . For extra about this topic click article.

App criticism better talk: tuition by James Bond.

New York, the city where people from all over the world live together and where up to 800 languages are spoken, not cold left me too. Again and again I catch myself doing, as is in my fine school English a little Indian, Spanish, Persian or even mixes French, depending on which cashier at the deli I was just talking. However: The problem is not limited to the US metropolis. As I’m in German. My Rhineland accent, which is mixed with friends and acquaintances from different regions in Germany, the words that I say, have to do hardly anything which are supposed to be in the Duden. Girl I’m doing tourism, somehow is most örgendwie.  My pronunciation has anyway, only little in common with the flawless high German from Hanover. That can have a dramatic effect. Whether it’s for job interviews, business meetings or presentations: people who speak clearly, have a beautiful sounding voice and an upright posture, compelling, serious and pleasant. Tone of voice, body language and expression allegedly comprise 80 percent of the overall effects on the opposite. It comes so much, what, but, above all, how we say it. And it’s about everything. In the long term, so the app promises improved language and the greater awareness of said should help also a self-esteem boost. Presentations and business negotiations will be so in the future much easier on the lips. Only downside is that, well, design functional in. But who cares about the optics already when bond, a Martini can be ordered that in future the bar very casual, like James. This is also one of the exercises. . For additional regarding this subject visit http://simyo.redtail-intl.com.

With Joystick for the uni – Magdeburg offers computer game seminars.

You sit 48 hours before the computer ever to pursue their passion. Target is to program an almost fully developed computer game in relatively short time on a particular topic. The Student Association of Acagamics wants to show students the world of computer games. At the University of Magdeburg, She interested give a space- and create bridges between University and industry.   The Club now has a total of 100 members. "It is remarkable that a student Club in this direction has so many members, says Board member at the Federal Association Linda Breitlauch, game, the computer game industry in Germany. Also the overall concept and innovative approach to be particularly.   Per semester offer Club and University about five lectures at the University. There is a note for three of them. "In our projects and seminars just Bachelor’s students can gain insight into computer games. In the study, you can choose even the profile line of computer games, says programmer Johannes Jendersie. Also the members of Acagamics for organizing a programming contest and student workshops.    About twice a year they "game jams sign out, whereby it 48 hours in small groups finished prototypes for a game design and programming."During this time, it has very little sleep and still manages to make something on the legs in the short time. This is some very impressive Club Member David Kuri reported. . For additional insights regarding this matter check http://simyo.redtail-intl.com.

Background: The causes of the conflict.

However, announced the Israeli Foreign Ministry and explains on his website: the Palestinian nation-building have started at the beginning of the 20th century. But with the settlement of the Jewish Prophet Abraham in Canaan in the 17th century before Christ, the Jewish people had become a nation. 400 years later Moses led the Israelites in Egyptian slavery back into the land promised to their fathers. They lived there until the destruction of their Temple in Jerusalem in the year 70 after Christ by the Romans and their expulsion in the diaspora. Since then, Jews awaited their return to Eretz Israel. Her Passover feast in memory of the exodus from Egypt, they would traditionally: next year in Jerusalem! But centuries it remained a dream. The Zionist movement for the preservation of threatened Judaism arose in response to a growing anti-Semitism in Europe with pogroms in the Tsarist Russia. The Jewish State said Theodor Herzl, initiator of the 1897 founded World Zionist Organization, the creation of a public secured home in Palestine to the central objective in his writing. The planned settlement of Jews as farmers, craftsmen and tradesmen in Palestine failed initially to the resistance of the prevailing Ottoman Empire. After the first world war, Palestine was placed under as a mandated territory of the League of Nations British administration. In 1917, London’s Minister of Foreign Affairs James Balfour had secured British Zionists to the support of his Government for the creation of a national home in Palestine for the Jewish people. Only a few Jews before the Holocaust could save to Palestine during the second world war, up to six million were murdered. The political pressure on London grew. To ensure the interests of Arabs and Jews alike, the mandated territory should be divided. On 29 November 1947, the UN General Assembly resolution 181 for the Division of Palestine into a Jewish and an Arab State are decided. Jerusalem should be placed under international control. But the Arabs rejected. They complained that the minority of 600 000 Jews should get 56.5% of the mandate territory with many fertile soils, while the majority should be found out of 1.2 million Arabs with 43.5 percent. . For more data regarding this topic click http://simyo.redtail-intl.com.

Company: HypoVereinsbank sells DAB to BNP.

The market launch of new generic drugs in the United States boosted the world’s largest generic drug manufacturer Teva. The Israeli company raised its earnings forecast for the current year after a profit growth in the second quarter. The group to which belongs also the Ulm generic drug maker ratiopharm, expanded its profit by four percent to 1.05 billion dollars as reported by Teva. From April until June, $5 billion were implemented – an increase of two percent. Teva has benefited in the past quarter, inter alia by the launch of its copy of the lucrative cancer agent Xeloda in the United States. The launch of further remedies, the Teva last year not yet in the world’s largest pharmaceutical market sales, provided additional impetus. Total US sales climbed in the last quarter by 10 percent to 1.1 billion dollars with generic drugs. For the full year, CEO Erez Vigodman now turned a profit per share of 4.90 to 5.10 dollars per share in Vista. (rts). Root facts can be studied checking the following weblink.

Ebola in West Africa: the deadly virus takes advantage of any vulnerability.

Because Ebola has surfaced there for the first time, there is no experience.  Many people distrust the workers in protective suits. For them, it looks like the doctors and nurses had brought only the deadly curse in the country, if these still quite healthy-looking patients with fever and body aches from the villages in isolation units, where they die only hours or days later. The border region between Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia is economically far less developed than the capitals. So do hardly any paved roads in the villages. Helpers reach ill there difficult. The World Health Organization (WHO) and volunteers from doctors without borders treatment centers set up, organize ambulances, and try to enlighten the population with leaflets and radio spots. The knowledge spread but only slowly. So the outbreak has become the largest epidemic of Ebola, that ever existed. WHO informed you about the number of diseased and dead. Therefore now Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone are suffering in Guinea, so far more than 1 320 people, more than 720 died. For comparison: since the virus was discovered in 1976 for the first time in humans, there was worldwide approximately 1 600 registered deaths in result of infectious disease. It is still unclear why the focus of the epidemic shifts to Sierra Leone. That the population of Guinea is now better understood and therefore there decreases the incidence seems likely. In Sierra Leone, however, the campaigns did not attack probably still, says epidemiologist David Heymann of the London School of hygiene and tropical medicine. . You can read this reference to discover more regarding this amazing subject.

Health: Gb, hospital employee accused of selling body parts to companies.

Rome, July 31. (Reuters Health)-an employee of the Christie Hospital Nhs Foundation Trust, Manchester, specializing in cancer care, was accused of accepting money and whiskey bottles from some private pharmaceutical companies, in Exchange for the supply of samples of patients ‘ body parts of British healthcare setting. The Rosie Cooper MP wrote to the Human Tissue Authority, asking for an investigation with respect to these suspicions. The hospital has absolutely denied the allegations of wrongdoing by highlighting that there is no evidence of the facts so that none was suspended following the news. The Hta is still working with the Care Quality Commission to examine the allegations and generally the hospital management system. Cooper, who presented a series of parliamentary questions on Christie, described the suspect as serious and serious and said she would write to the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to warn him of his concerns. Tissue samples were to be sold without the patient’s permission and if it is proven, it will be a disgrace to the national health system. The idea that people have taken advantage of this situation is appalling. It is essential and urgent to establish the facts, otherwise you may break the trust between patients and the Nhs, we read on the Independent online. The Christie is the largest Cancer Centre in Europe, with a total of 40. 000 patients treated per year. It had already been involved in a series of controversies involving the management. The Chief Executive Caroline Shaw was suspended last year pending the outcome of an internal disciplinary inquiry related to luxury travel. Human resources Director, complained of being sick due to stress and bullying which was submitted to the hospital. . You can visit the following http://simyo.redtail-intl.com to learn more on this amazing matter.

Louis from Funès, c’est chic!

In the 1970s, it was not very Guermantes celebrate him a genius of comedy. Playwright Valère Novarina had not published his pioneering ‘For Louis de Funès’ text (1985), praise not less ardent that mannerism of the gendarme of Saint-Tropez. Portrait of Cruchot in Manisha Artaud Blanchot, pure absence (in kepi) which "is murdered herself" and "whose speech is nothing else the sound modulation of a centre empty. Theatre of cruelty or the Great_tony22. Or for transcribing in the dashing franglais «Grande Vadrouille»: «I risk tremendously and on the two tables.» A year later, it is the turn of Jean-Louis Bory to asphyxiate him. Its targets: "big holiday" by Jean Girault with Funes and "the crazy from the 4 Lab" with Jean Lefebvre: Besides Bourvil, only Yves Montand will be able to ably contain the one-man show of De Funès. The death of the first, it is the second that replaces it in "delusions of grandeur" by Gérard Oury, Polnareff music. The film must turn in Spain. "Or early December 1970 begins in Madrid the trial of ETA activists. Montand announces to the delusions of grandeur will not happen. On 28 December, the verdict falls: nine death sentences. Three days later, yielding to international pressure, Franco gracie convicts. The movie is saved. » . Additional information can be found reading website.

5 qualities to be a good agent of footballers.

Have a relational good: as in any trade resulting in many trade, it is essential for an agent to show a relational good and to be able to retrieve a maximum of contacts. Contacted by the Scan Sport, Christophe Mongai, is including the agent of Mexican Goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa, considers how to be "first, an address book very fleshed out" and also a "portable resistant" to share the best with the players and the clubs. Knowing his subject: to sell his client, better understand the market. Therefore, an agent seduced more if it demonstrates "his knowledge of football, his world, his player and his profession", assures us Stéphane Courbis, representative of Laurent Koscielny. Monitoring of the timeliness of the round ball is crucial. "The control of information is crucial. It need to be informed of everything that happens, says Christophe Mongai. Comments corroborated by Sonia Souid that says read "sites for information about the news from the world of football in France and abroad to keep me informed of the different movements". Be discreet: the transfer market is often a game of poker-liar where officers sometimes use the media to highlight their player. But this is not often a good sign. Christophe Hutteau explains: "it should be to work in stealth. You will see a player’s name feed topics transfers with almost all of the clubs of the planet that on him, more chances to see that the player and his agent actually have nothing concrete there. . You must read this http://simyo.redtail-intl.com to read more on this interesting topic.

Ukraine, secret summit Merkel-Putin agreement on gas and on Crimea.

Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin would be negotiating in secret an agreement that could put an end to the crisis in Ukraine and loosen the international tension that has ripiombato the world into a new cold war climate. In summary, the agreement provides for the waiver by Kiev to Crimea annexed by Moscow after the referendum of 16 March. Referendum that would at this point recognized by the international community. In return Russia halt aid to separatists in the Eastern Ukrainian region of Donetsk and Lugansk, which avrebebro only greater autonomy but not independence. Kiev were a long-term agreement with Gazprom for large supplies of gas at a preferential price again to revive the economy. This is the agreement that Berlin and Moscow would be working according the British Indenpendent on newsstands in a few hours. Putin also said Kiev would commit not to enter Nato but never would object most to EU Association Agreement. . Main facts may be read clicking the following http://simyo.redtail-intl.com.