Parents feel helpless – refute the supposed majority opinion.

Like right-wing extremism expert Ziegenhagen, so Götz North rupture advises concerned parents to include the class teacher. He should openly address the topic in the class. Often a such discussion "shows already that the supposed majority opinion in fact is none", says North breach. Young Muslims do not often have diffuse feeling, Islam could commit to clear rules. The Salafists sign then as guardians of the supposedly true faith, that distress the others. The teacher could prevent that by asking the students, for example, how they live the faith home. Most students is clear that Islam is lived quite differently based on the different responses. And when the child becomes the outsider, because the school doesn’t have young neo-Nazis or Islamic in the barriers? "In such a case, parents should strengthen the child’s hand and tell him that it is doing the right thing", says Martin Ziegenhagen by "Against forgetting – for democracy". Could consider, together with their offspring, where it could find new friends around in a sports club. Sometimes however remain as a last resort only, to change school. . For extra facts on this subject check

South Africa: light flow of unemployment at 25.4%.

A resumption of job creation in the building in South Africa allowed a mild reflux of the unemployment rate in the third quarter to 25.4%, according to figures published Thursday by the South African Statistics Agency Statssa. The unemployment rate was 25.5% at the end of the second quarter of this year. According to Statssa, South Africa, the more industrialized countries of the continent, there were 5.1 million unemployed in the third quarter (+ 5.5% compared to the third quarter of 2013) to add 2.5 million discouraged job seekers who have given up looking for a job. According to some economists, the real unemployment reached 40% of adults, if one takes into account the people who do no approach to report their situation. The black population is still, by far, the most affected, in particular women with an unemployment rate of 31.2% in the third quarter, compared to less than 9% for the white minority, who often has access to better training. South Africa suffers from long-standing chronic unemployment that the slowdown in activity observed during the recession of 2009 and then from 2011 does not help to resolve. The active population continues to grow. The household budget is more affected by high inflation of around 6%, and in the third quarter, it is 110. 000 House jobs that have been lost, according to Statssa. In a report published Wednesday, the association against hunger and poverty Oxfam noted an increase in inequalities in South Africa compared to twenty years ago when the racist apartheid regime ended. The two wealthiest in the country, Johann Rupert (Richemont group) and Nicky Oppenheimer (ex-diamants De Beers), hold a heritage almost equivalent to the meagre possessions of 27 million Africans, according to Oxfam. . Extended facts can be found visiting

Italy-Nepal: agreement on scientific research at high altitude.

The objectives of the visit to Nepal by the Italian Government representative there is to proceed with the renewal of the scientific cooperation agreement between the two countries, including also the activity of the K2CNR and the Nast Committee, scientific organization of Nepal, for the management of the pyramid and scientific research activities in Nepal. Della Vedova said he was "excited" for the helicopter flight to 5000 m in front of the large walls of Everest and think that ‘ here, right in the heart of Asia, we Italians have managed to build this laboratory, symbol of excellence, known throughout the world, working in close synergy and collaboration not only with scientific institutions Nepalese, but with researchers and scientists from all over the world. A place where ‘ scientific knowledge complement each other and together, where all researchers who want to acquire new knowledge work together and where we study on behalf of the UN and of Wmo climate effects. A place where you look to the future with the eyes of Italian science and technology integrates the will and desire to participate Nepali friends». Satisfied even the Chairman of EvK2CNR Agostino Da Polenza: «we always and science, "said Da Polenza-the pyramid is one of the 29 Global sites of Wmo, the keepers of our climate. Our location is in the large observational systems and climatic and environmental predictive globally, but we also have a strong roots with the mountains and the countries where we work more closely with institutions and local scientific systems, Nepal and Pakistan. All this has done to promote and represent a strong stimulus to relations between Italy and these Asian countries. " . You should read the following reference to discover more regarding this great topic.

Mali: a staff sergeant french killed during a violent snap.

A french soldier was killed today during a violent clash with an armed group in northern Mali, announced the Elysee. The death of this soldier, a Sergeant of the parachutist Commando of Air N ° 10, brings to ten French losses in Mali since the start of the Serval operation in January 2013. Earlier, Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian indicated that a violent snap had opposed in the Teo massif the French force to one imposing type AQIM terrorist armed group. After a series of deadly attacks against the Mission of the United Nations in Mali (Minusma), Liza force strengthened these days its device in the Adrar des Ifoghas, home to the Valley of the Ametetai, near the Algerian border and where AQIM was routed during the French operation Serval in 2013.   François Hollande added that french troops, alongside of the Malian army and United Nations forces, contribute with courage and effectiveness in consolidating the sovereignty of Mali and to fight against terrorism. . Root facts can be found clicking this reference.

Ballon d’Or. Ibrahimovic: “it will be difficult because I did not play the World Cup.”

Named with 22 other players to be elected Ballon d’Or next January, Zlatan Ibrahimovic does not many illusions.  It is in any case let appear his comments published by the website of PSG.   "I think I just play the best season of my career, note Zlatan. It is one of the objectives be better each year, always advancing. I am named, but this will be difficult because I did not play the World Cup. A lot of fantastic players have distinguished themselves in this world. They will therefore leave with some advantage but as long as I do what I do, that I bring results and that I will be playing at a high level, I can aim for this award. In any case, this is what I try to do every day, working over and over again. "Again this year, Lionel messi, runner-up of the World Cup and Cristiano Ronaldo, winner of the champions League, are the big favorites to win the ultimate prize. . Root facts may be found reading this

Internet tax in Hungary: Viktator Orbán sows wind.

Balázs Nagy Navarro sits exactly 1060 days in Budapest before the building of station funds MTVA, having the oversight of the public service Hungarian media. The journalist lives there in a tent and protest: against manipulation in newscasts of State television, against his dismissal against the rigid media law more than three years ago. And ultimately also against Viktor Orbán. Again, he leaves his private picket – and of course he was in recent days on two large demonstrations against the Internet tax it, which is to finally decide the Parliament in three weeks. The Government had originally planned to charge any traffic with equivalent 50 euro cents per gigabyte. So the use of the Internet to make more expensive, rather than, as the worldwide trend is cheaper. A fair burden-sharing was mentioned in the Ministry of Economic Affairs on Tuesday. And a statement from the Government says a little pitiful, here it go only to the expansion of the telecommunications tax, so not a new tax. Also, the revenue in the expansion of broadband networks would flow, so even benefit Internet users. With such statements, however, the Orbán Government no longer will get rid the spirits, which they called with an idea which is unique in Europe. Of course it goes so Nagy Navarro, on the one hand money. Internet use is relatively expensive in Hungary. The new tax must be paid while the Internet service providers, but anyone assume that the additional costs to the customer would be passed. And now the innovative, young generation of Facebook should bleed? Students who took their information from the Web, readers who had enough of the pro-Government media, should now extra pay for non-conformist opinions? It no longer gave such large government-critical rallies – for the last time probably on October 23, 2011, when the Facebook initiative went a million for the freedom of the press (Milla) at the start. The grassroots movement went into an opposition party and lost its last strong importance. Milla Petér Juhász says founder now euphoric, this is about freedom. And I think the protests will grow again. . For extended about this topic click

Catania brawl in the heart of the movida, accoltellano immigrants: an arrest.

Catania, 29. 10.-2014 (Francesca Aglieri to Emix90210)-a fight between two North African origin and immigrants ‘ degenerated into a stabbing last night via Landolina, in the area of Piazza teatro Massimo, Catania. Attacker and victim already on other occasions they had quarreled and had come to blows. The extra was injured in hospital, to medicated Vittorio Emanuele of Catania, with 30 days prognosis. Some days, in fact, depopulated the web authors that provocation in 10 points explains why the old town, the heart of the movida etnea is impractical, especially on the weekend.  violent groups in piazza Teatro Massimo, the parking attendants abusive Sant’Euplio streets, Sangiuliano, Luigi Sturzo, under the arches of the Navy, in piazza Duca di Genova and the Fairgrounds, the prostitutes on the street, to Italian dealers, Middle Eastern, African and Slavic peoples in stable plant in front of the teatro Bellini, to muggings, to kids that they raise the elbow in the pubthe Ltz is not respected, the accumulated dirt on the edge of the roads and sidewalks, cars parked parked cars and robberies. The appeal, therefore, is social: "the city of Catania, the Mayor Enzo Bianco, the prefect Guia Federico and the Quaestor Except Longo, aware of everything?". Inspirational data could be studied clicking the following

Canada: Son of Johnny Cash stripping drunk at airport.

The man, who was at a small airport on the Canadian island of Newfoundland, on Monday at the Deer Lake Airport, was pretty grumpy. He was pretty drunk. He came from a hunting trip and had missed just his flight. That it excited obviously so much, that he performed a striptease of kind of as a sign of protest and dressed at the end only in underpants in the Hall was, as several media reports. Famous country songwriter arrested for stripping at airport! Details: http://t. co/jjVYrRfl11 #Yikes pic. Twitter. com/iprfsJHbLt-taste of country (@TasteOfCountry) 29 October 2014 as the US Portal Newser writes, the 2003 late Johnny Cash from the episode have a good country song can. While it was true that cash senior was known at a young age for his alcohol and drug excesses, also served in the eighties of the rebellious outlaw movement, sang like about criminals and hated soft washed up country-pop. But a man in underpants, which stretches out on your provincial airport, that is to unglamourös then maybe but a sign. . Similar data can be inspected clicking

Shaken German bank: Dax defies fed jitters.

In the evening, the Fed Fed will tell whether she continue pumping money into the market through bond purchases. Although the source of the money threatens to dry up, the stock market sentiment is good. Wild is the Deutsche Bank an unexpectedly strong rise in consumer confidence in the United States had boosted Wall Street on Tuesday. The Nikkei index rose after a marked increase in the industrial production in Japan on Wednesday to 1.5 percent. TUI grew 4.5 percent in the MDax. The merger with the British subsidiary of TUI Travel is sealed. The shareholders of both companies approved the project, which is the largest travel company in the world, on Tuesday with each large majority. Technical chart the situation had become last interesting, dealers said. The day before, the rate had increased up to the upper trend channel of the February downturn around 11.60 euros. With a breakthrough, open up further upside potential. In the short term expect a positive response of course, thinks also Herbert Sturm of DZ Bank. With the merger of the world’s largest travel company could save 170 million euros in costs. . Main data can be studied clicking this link.

Golden Ball: a dream team to 690 M & #8364;.

Estimated at EUR 154 million by the site, the selection of 23 players is the most expensive in the history of the Golden Ball. Through the values of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, estimated at EUR 120 million, the average of 23 candidates is EUR 50 million, even though sixteen of them are below this amount. To the set of values, the drafting of Scan Sport amused to realize the most expensive team type possible, while maintaining a certain balance. It is worth EUR 690 million. In defence, the choice is still more restricted than to the position of goalkeeper since they are only three to be included among the 23 chosen: Philipp Lahm, Captain of the Mannschaft, Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid Defender, winner of the champions League and Javier Mascherano, the player of FC Barcelona author of a successful with the Argentina World Cup. In midfield, there are a lot of possibilities. Having only three defenders, we take advantage of this variety to keep five players in midfield. Thus, we find Paul Pogba to defence. Author of good performances with the Blues, the French impresses at Juventus where he just signed a new contract. At his side, found the Colombian James Rodriguez, scorer of world 2014 and the Argentine Angel Di Maria, always brilliant, either Real Madrid or Manchester United. Finally, on the wings, we chose two very fast players. Even if Robben could be a possibility, we have preferred Neymar, author of a Goblet of the world successful on a personal level and start to the season with a bang with Barca, and Gareth Bale, whose accelerations are devastating. In attack, despite the presence of Karim Benzema in the list of 23, we made simple by aligning the Messi – Ronaldo doubles. Even if Portuguese has not shone during the World Cup, he succeeds season resounding with Real Madrid by threading the goals and won the champions League last season. As the Argentine failing have shone during the final against the Germany, he made a global good and is decisive with his club since the start of the season as both top scorer and passer. . For extended data on this matter check resource.