Case Duncan in Texas: family of the dead Ebola patient are released from quarantine.

Dallas – the relatives of the deceased Thomas Eric Duncan Ebola patients in the U.S. State of Texas are dismissed from quarantine after 21 days without symptoms. Duncan’s fiancee, her 13 year old son and two nephews may participate in daily life, again since Monday. Good three dozen more people who possibly had gotten with Duncan before his posting in the hospital in Dallas in contact, were also released from the quarantine. Duncan had visited a clinic in Dallas on the night of 26 September with complaints. Although he informed the clinic staff about his stay in West Africa, the doctors again sent him home. Two days later the Liberians came up again in the hospital, on September 30, the hospital confirmed the Ebola case. On 8 October he succumbed to the disease. Despite protective suits and strict security measures, two nurses of the clinic of Texas Health Presbyterian, which had maintained Duncan infected. A 29 year old sister is currently treated in a hospital specialised on Ebola in Atlanta in the U.S. State of Georgia, a 26 year-old sister in the national institutes of health (NIH) in a suburb of the capital Washington. The cases from the United States show how quickly aid can infect with the deadly virus. The German Government also reacted. It has now been confirmed, build an aircraft to allow for the transport of Ebola patients. Given a corresponding project together with Lufthansa, said Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Monday on the sidelines of a meeting with EU counterparts in Luxembourg. Also ordered 20 went, where during the flight but no intensive medical care is possible. Then, also the first volunteers from Germany to break up in the affected countries in West Africa. You are currently being prepared on the emergency response. Already more than 4550 people died of Ebola according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The West African countries of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are particularly affected. In total, more than 9200 cases have been detected according to the WHO. . For extended facts on this subject visit page.

Clowns in the North: a fear that owes nothing to chance.

In July 2013, the very serious Smithsonian Institutionde Washington Monthly has focused on the issue. Verdict: since the Pharaohs, history is punctuated episodes involving buffoons or pitres supposed to entertain the authorities. But their fear dates back to the 19th century, when the life of the famous clown Joseph Grimaldi switches in London. He who accepted the red and white makeup will lose woman and child before sinking in alcohol. A paradox between a joy to the scene and a sadness behind the scenes also narrated by Charles Dickens himself in a book. A century later, John Wayne Gacy drives the nail. Nicknamed the killer clown, this American had a habit of dressing to entertain children in hospitals. We find 26 corpses in his Chicago property. A sordid story that inspired the American culture by Stephen King in his book It at the Joker from Batman, or even the film Poltergeist. All appearances of evil clowns that contribute to increase the number of coulrophobes. . For extended insights about this matter visit page.

Ministers meeting in Berlin: France 50-billion plan outraged the Union.

What so angered the Lords: immediately prior to her visit to Germany France economy Minister Emmanuel Macron had this Monday and Finance Minister Michel sapin asks Germany may invest so much in the next three years, as France wanted save. EUR 50 billion additional investment in you – that would be us, and 50 billion euros savings a good balance, quoted the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung macron. The overspending Germany easily with a serious budgetary policy to agree, the Minister said. However, the means for more spending were missing France. This dissent must be overcome because we simply cannot afford mutual persistence-related positions in the face of internal and external crises in and around Europe. Unit and Europe’s ability to act would so endangered, the CDU-politician says. Thus, Röttgen urges indirectly also the German side not to exhaust the repetition of well-known claims to Paris. In both countries, both reforms and investment in sustainable community goods are necessary. Both are also a bid of sustainability, as there are sound public finances, called Röttgen. Macron and sapin meet on Monday with her German counterpart Wolfgang Schäuble(CDU) and warrior Gabriel(SPD), to discuss the economic situation in Europe is worsening a. Finance Minister Schäuble had promised additional investment on the weekend, but stressed at the same time that the balanced budget in 2015 will not be challenged. France budget hurt the euro stability pact in the coming year. After mirror information, however, the Federal Government wants to avoid a clash between Paris and the EU Commission and protect France from a looming budget reprimand from Brussels. (Read the full story here in the new mirror.) A written agreement will designed with the French Government, in Paris to commit to a detailed timetable for a deficit reduction and structural reforms. France is planning to again breach EU – deficit ceiling of three percent of gross domestic product next year other than originally promised. A deficit is targeted by 4.3 percent to 4.4 percent this year. . You must visit this to read extra regarding this interesting topic.

Ebola: the Spanish caregiver defeated disease.

Teresa Romero, caregiver who normally works in the same hospital Carlos III where it is neat, became on 6 October the first person hit by the Ebola out of Africa. She developed symptoms on 29 September, after having treated two religious suffering from Ebola haemorrhagic fever who were repatriated respectively on 8 August and 22 September and who died a few days later. This contamination had lifted a wind of panic in Europe, where the Foreign Ministers meet Monday in Luxembourg to strengthen assistance to NGOs and the countries affected by the epidemic, which killed more than 4,500 people, according to the latest figures from the World Health (who) Organization. The Ministers plan to meet the threat of way more muscular than before, assured a European source told AFP, before a Summit of Heads of State and Government in Brussels this weekend which should take stock of the measures taken to prevent the entry and spread of the virus on European soil. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier pleaded Sunday for the constitution of a civil platform that would allow delivery of aid, train volunteers and teams of medical experts. . Related text can be found clicking

The Pontiff, who angered Franco.

The future Pope short you: "well, I understand. But the tares cannot be removed. The tares must coexist with the wheat so that the goodness of this protrudes". The Vatican aimed at the reconciliation of the Spanish and much of the Catholic hierarchy of the moment did not want that reconciliation. It is from that visit to the Vatican when Juan XXIII and Cardinal Montini decided that we must prepare a stroke of hand in the Spanish episcopate, putting forward people who go little by little, separating the Catholic Church as little Christian dictatorship. The leadership will assume Tarancon, who will be commissioned with Vatican ability. "The Franco regime has no future. "The Spanish Church, if it is to survive Franco, must be separating from it little by little, but completely", Montini, reads it. When Franco perceives the operation, there is a debate within his Government about how to react. It is desperate for what they listen to. Later tells his Minister of propaganda, Manuel Fraga, who brags about everywhere to many bishops appoint himself: "do you think that not I realize what’s happening? Perhaps think that I am a circus clown?". Main source may be studied checking the following

Catholic Church: confused by each beam of light.

Who likes to complain about the many divorces and needs good mood, should simply turn to the perspective. It should be said: it is a miracle that so many couples and families remain together for a lifetime, all mothers-in-law and fathers to defiance and all the children that one drive only in the insomnia and then the madness. It’s a wonder what crises pairs survive if one considers what man and everything can ask each other wife. And it is surprising how often couples, patchwork or Rainbow families adhere to traditional forms of family, especially when they live with children. The family is often threatened by poverty and working conditions, which gnaw the togetherness. It is missing people in rich countries, because they expect the greatest happiness of each other every day. In poor countries, she dies on flight and migration. And yet she is admirably tough. To all of this would have much to say the Catholic Church even if this wandering single Jesus maybe is not the best model for families and the celibate cleric also rather represent the outsider’s perspective. She knows the value of staying and insistence but, she thinks they know the value of vulnerable life in binding, relationship, responsibility and loyalty. And she still listen to almost no one. She’s caught up ominous in their theological and philosophical constructs. In short, go to: the lifelong faithful marriage between a man and woman is the natural place of sexuality. Only here, it has its place and also unless it is at least theoretically open to the procreation of children. It is a harmonized picture, almost like one of these world maps from the middle ages, where the Earth is a disc with Jerusalem in the middle. Only the sailors knew even then: you can not then sailing. So it is with the image of the Catholic Church. The bishops gathered in Rome for the Synod have opened actually the doors and Windows a wide gap, carefully. Last Monday, you have published a document containing a proposal as at least gradually a theological value can be spoken to unmarried couples. You have left in the so long locked room air and light. It seems some hidden to have. The text now at the end of the Synod published carries no awakening spirit. Where it was ticklish the homosexuals and the remarried divorcees, he missed the required two-thirds majority. The fear that the whole beautiful, well-kept building could collapse, with many bishops was larger than the courage to let the life in its diversity. . Main facts can be found visiting this resource.

The Islamic State resumes its offensive to take the border crossing of Kobane.

Along the last d aslas YPG hab could an eating land IS West of Kobane, not as to the East, area where radical succeeded in entering the town from the Syrian town of greater m s to Kurdish. Along the ma ana and late s bado IS launched several attacks with mortar in order to take over the border. Of producing this event, IS completely Kobane surround and is har a nica v of communications with the exterior that keeps the city. In this attempt the jihadists have an Allied impl quote, Turkey to, which to date, despite having border cover tanks, remained impassive before the advances of the IS in Kobane and refused to strike them. Yet, after that the Saturday s fall mortar fire on Turkish soil, im v deo genes have shown soldiers Ankara preparing mortars in the vicinity of the gate. At the moment not be has made official response by Turkey IS armed to. . Extended facts can be found reading blog.

Marine Le Pen invites “all youth” to “economic weapons.

After the speeches of Antoine Mellies, president of Audacity, four young entrepreneurs participate in a round table to tell their experience and outline reforms they deem useful. Marine Le Pen takes notes. At his side, note especially Betrand Dutheil de Rochère, his Adviser secularism and Karim Ouchikh, his culture Adviser. They will be soon joined at the forefront by Florian Philippot, Vice President. "What is meant here, means it everywhere", launches Marine Le Pen, just before explaining the meaning of structures such as Audacity that it wishes to multiply. "All these groups want to contribute to the gathering of the French around the patriotic ideas that I am defending, she says, so that finally the french spirit presides over the destinies of the France and meets its interests." She sees as a "formidable breathing" in the current context and promises that Audacity embodies by the ‘France of the Egoists, the young first or the young wolves"but of"active youth in the service of France, for the collective prosperity. Tying the "deconstruction" of the France "the exaltation of globalisation", Marine Le Pen wanted encouraging: "We can create, succeed, innovate and produce in France!" proclaims the applause. It also invites the Assembly to "force the leaders to believe again in the France", to "re-create a French offer on all markets. Then, she entrusts its ambition to make the national Front and the Navy Blue rally the party of "all youths. The FN President considers that these "top priority of the nation", according to her, all can "contribute to the good of everyone." "Long live the bold youth", has finally launched to the bathroom before singing the Marseillaise and release a final ‘ economic weapons young entrepreneurs in France! For extended facts about this matter click

Tragedy in Lodi: schoolgirl clings to train and loses an arm.

 The train arrives at the station and the girl, a student of 18 years, lagging behind, trying to catch him in the race. The result is that now she risks the amputation of his right arm. The tragic incident occurred in Codogno, province of Lodi. As determined by the local 18-year Evans was injured in the arm by falling between the platform and the rails and ending under the departing train. Agents, thanks to testimonies, have established that he was returning home from school, but was dropped from the convoy to greet a friend. When it is noticed that the medium was going to start again, he started running along the train and you’re holding on to the handle.  Dragged for several meters, eventually fell between the track and the platform.  This reconstruction of the day: "the convoy (the 5088 of 13. 52) was headed to Jerusalem where the young would then took the train to Pavia.  Immediate relief efforts and the situation appeared grave now.  The matter is investigating the Polfer lodigiana while there were also the carabinieri della compagnia di Codogno (Lodi) ". Transported to the hospital, the girl has undergone surgery but doctors were unable to save the limb, which had been severely damaged. . Similar text can be inspected checking link.

Weather: this is summer in October.

Up to 30 degrees in the shade in the Southwest, 25 in Paris. The Toussaint vacation begins this Saturday with an almost summer time on the major part of the french territory. Only the sides of the channel and the Languedoc are exceptions, notes Météo Consult, with an overcast sky and a few drops scattered. Temperatures are above 5 to 10 degrees relative to season, according to the weather forecast site. In the afternoon, they must reach not less than 20 degrees to 25 degrees in the areas of half North and 21 to 31 ° C in the South of the Loire. What encourage the lucky ones who stay in the South and southwest to take advantage of the joys of the seafront. Swimming is, however, discouraged in the absence of first-aiders to monitor the beaches. A heat which should enjoy as a serious degradation is scheduled from Monday to Wednesday, day where the first snows should make their appearance above 1,000 m on the North of the Alps, North of Auvergne, Jura and the Vosges. "Normandy coast in Rhône-Alpes, the showers are strong," said Météo Consult. The return of good weather is expected from Thursday. . For more on this matter read site.