Discrimination in the cinema: twisted role playing.

Even if the test produces an indicator in terms of dealing with women in the film, it’s but mostly about that with the result as if a football match only on the basis of statistics would assessed. A team that is more common in possession of the ball and has more shots on goal than your opponent, can still lose, why also the significance of the Bechdel test must be questioned. Yet the American gay and Lesbian Alliance was now the Bechdel test inspired against defamation (GLAAD) to develop a tool for the analysis of the production of gay, Lesbian and transgender characters, LGBT short,: the Vito Russo test. The American film historian Vito Russo, co-founder of GLAAD, had done in the 1980s groundwork for research on LGBT characters in Hollywood movies. The result: 17 105 movies LGBT characters, in most cases are in gay white men. Rarely involves elaborate roles. The figures are often discriminated against or mocked. Consistent with that appearing mostly in comedies – in children’s and animation films but not at all. . Main facts may be found reading the following home page.

News ticker to the flight MH17 – newly discovered wreckage investigators are puzzles.

11 27 pm: do not exclude the stationing of an international police force to the site of the crash of the passenger aircraft MH17 the militant separatists in the Eastern Ukraine. Sergej Kawtaradse of the Volkswehr said if Malaysia, Australia or the Netherlands to us contact, we will consider the proposal of course in Donetsk on Friday. The insurgents could not, however, guarantee the security of foreign police officers in the battle zone. Kawtaradse rejected accusations that the separatists would interfere with investigations and search works. We want to prevent looting and allow neutral investigations, he claimed.   Again many people came during fighting between security forces and pro-Russian separatists in the Eastern Ukraine. The rebels reported said 100 soldiers killed in combat in the area of Lugansk. There was however no independent confirmation. The army said she have recaptured the city Lissitschansk after day shot. After the liberation of the town, soldiers about the administration building would have hoisted the national flag, Chief of staff Viktor Muschenko reported in a letter to Petro Poroschenko head of State. . Original facts can be found clicking the following http://no.penisenlargementbiblereview.biz.

World Junior Athletics: the world record for Baston in the 110 m hurdles.

The French Wilhelm Baston became the Junior World 110 m hurdles champion with key a new record in the world in its category (12 sec 99/100th, wind: + 0.5 m/s), in the night from Thursday to Friday in Eugene (United States). The junior Hurdler takes place on hedges of 99 centimeters in height, compared to 1.06 m in senior citizens. Baston thus confirms its enormous potential subtracting nine hundredths in the brand world, detained since 2009 by the American Wayne Davies (13 08). Baston is the first junior to descend below the mythical 13 seconds in its category. Baston, 19 years since the month of June, has already confirmed should be counted with him among seniors. June 14 at Sotteville-lès-Rouen, he thus improved by four hundredths the junior national record of discipline on hedges of 1.06 m, which was owned for 13 years from Ladji Doucoure, the 2005 world champion, to 13. 54, personal record. I’m really happy, I’m on a little cloud!, commented Baston after his world title, in remarks relayed by the site of the French Athletics federation. Less than 13 seconds, a little was the goal of the season with the title of world champion. It had to be the best the day J. (,.) It is played in the mind. Upon arrival, there was much joy and emotions. And the pressure fell when I saw that he had the record at the end. Even if we worked all year for this, I wasn’t sure drop below 13 seconds, said the French. Baston is the 10th French to be crowned world junior champion, and the second in the 110 m hurdles. He succeeds in his discipline to Pascal Martinot-Lagarde, junior world champion in 2010, and that comes in seniors, set a new France record in 12. 95. You can read this http://no.penisenlargementbiblereview.biz to read extra regarding this interesting subject.

The size XXL is sexy: the rescue of curvy.

The Pirelli Calendar officially opened the way.  In 2015 we will also Candice Huffine, one of the models over one of the most famous in the world: 90 kg of beauty (pictured above). But it is not the only woman junoesque shapes to be considered a model of sensuality.   Have a few pounds is a real weapon in the hands of women who have made some inches too as a strength to which they do not want absolutely give up. She knows Emma Haslam, English curvy dancer who has captivated the audience of "Britains’s Got Talent" performing in a fun but at the same time sensual Pole Dance, becoming a real star of the web. Or even Whitney Thore, North Carolina young dancer, her whole curves, which has posted on the internet a performance dance so exciting as to leave everyone breathless. In first place, with 56% of the vote there is feeling sexy. In fact, many love to show their bodies and also claim to be very just wooed with soft curves. We know that women are always happy and their engaging smile, combined with agility that many really makes envy, is an extremely successful weapon! Men love the curves and they know it well enough to use them as real weapons of seduction. In second place, with 21%, there is the fun. Dance, both in public and in private, maybe with your partner, do sports or perform, are things that for many women represent a real form of entertainment. In many they defeated the embarrassment of showing up for as I am really just going to the gym or improvising real shows in front of boyfriends or with friends. Between a laugh and a dance step have managed to conquer his own sweetheart. In third place then there is the desire for freedom. The 17% of oversize admits that doing sports is a veritable panacea: the feeling you get letting go, dancing, going to the gym or doing movement in General is really nice, much to become a thing that you give up for anything in the world. In last place, with 6%, then there are women who simply want to demonstrate how "Hairspray," as he sang the soundtrack of the musical "Hair". The Mission of this slice of surveyed, in fact, is to understand how easy it is to do anything you want, including dancing and realize their dreams. Overcome obstacles as 42 sizes, if not more and better!. You must read this http://no.penisenlargementbiblereview.biz to read extra on this great topic.

Eight of every ten freelancers States that do not reach mileurista.

The President of ATA, Lorenzo Amor, ensures that the figures confirm that the self-employed have been one of the major victims of the economic crisis, although it argues that current data show improvement in activity. Statistics of the Agencia Tributaria reflects that nearly eight of every 10 self-employed does not reach mileurista. A striking fact that from organizations such as the Trade Union of technicians of Finance (Gestha) has been explained by the phenomenon of tax fraud. In addition, they tend to emphasize that the net return of employees (18. 691 euros in 2012) is far superior to the one stated by the self-employed. Love recalls that the data are not comparable. The benefit that is taxed in the case of the self-employed is determined subtracting revenues costs of economic activity and the Social security contributions. On the other hand, self-employed workers can not deduct expenses and NET performance corresponds to your gross salary after discount social contributions and reduced by income from work that reaches, in General, the 2. 652 euros. . For additional facts about this subject click reference.

TF1: net profit multiplied by 6 in the second quarter.

The TF1 group showed in the second quarter a net profit multiplied by six to 308.6 million euros thanks to the transfer of control of Eurosport and despite a drop in advertising revenues. The first group of french television, which gives no prospect for the year, registered a turnover increase of 5.2% in the second quarter to EUR 556 million, he said in a statement. The first half turnover appears up 0.6% to 1.019 billion euros, thanks to the resale rights of the World Cup for 30 million euros to BeIN Sports, while advertising revenues are down 1.6%. Free antennas of TF1, advertising is down 1% in an environment that remains competitive and strained, said Philippe Denery, Deputy Director general for finance, during a conference call. The impact of the world, representing losses of at least EUR 30 million for the group, is also felt on current operating income, falling 43% in the first half to EUR 24.2 million. The net result of the group take him of the transfer of the 31% share of Eurosport International discovery, which gave to the US group control of the subsidiary of sports television and represents a capital gain of EUR 293.8 million to May 30. The Group has strengthened after this operation cash which amounted to 425.1 million euros, compared with 188.9 million at 31 December. The Group gave no Outlook on the year, but said in its release that the visibility on future advertising investments remains very limited. . For more on this topic read http://no.penisenlargementbiblereview.biz.

Foot: OM will not play its next match at the Velodrome but in Montpellier.

The cloth burning between the city of Marseille and Olympique de Marseille football club. In question, the rent increase required by the city so that the club can take advantage of this stage in full renovation. In a statement published on its internet site, OM has announced that "his team will not play in Marseille" for his first match at home this season. The phocians will receive, on Sunday 17 August, Montpellier,. the mosson Stadium of the herault, if no solution is found here here. In making this decision, OM puts pressure on the municipality who wished that the club pays 381,000 euros per match played at the Velodrome (EUR 10 million per year by counting the share to be paid with the ticket office). ‘Everything was attempted, on our side, allowing Marseille to come and support their team at the stade Vélodrome. But the radical position of the municipality leaves us with another choice but to take this painful decision. It is, unfortunately, our only option to preserve the vital interests of OM which cannot and will never pay that calls for the Town Hall,"said Philippe Pérez, Executive Director of the club in the release. Remains to be seen now if the other meetings of the Marseillais will they also relocated. . For additional insights on this subject check hyperlink.

For their health, men should urinate standing up or sitting?

As said Pierre Desproges, everything in life is a matter of choice, it starts with the nipple or nipple, it ends by oak or FIR.  And between these two extremes of existence fit, for the male half of humanity, another dilemma: should you pee standing or sitting? Which preserve the more their health, those who, very majority in the West remain straight in their boots or those who, as it is most commonly found in Asia, sit or crouch to urinate? Going in the annals of science, one realizes that the question is neither crazy nor new. Thus, in 1883, the British military doctor Raglan Barnes, stationed in India, is was asked by writing thereon an articulet published by the very serious British Medical Journal.  Having found, attending clinics and civilian hospitals, a significant number of urinary calculi in the indigenous population, it was speculated that in addition to find their origin in the diet, these seeds of health could be promoted by the habit that had the Indians to urinate in October.  In his text, Raglan Barnes imagines that for humans, the squatting position paralyzes action of the muscular body (bladder, Editor’s note) he wants to empty.  The result according to him? Urine that remains in greater quantity in the bladder and promotes the formation of stones. The military doctor would also add that when you’re a man, a real one, it demonstrated righteousness, in morality and in urination, and that civilization and the colonizer will encourage, and I quote, our Aryan brother out of his mistake. Much closer to us, since their work was published on 22 July in the journal PLoS ONE, urologists of Leiden University (Netherlands) are again posed the question to Dr. Barnes. To answer that, they passed the scientific literature to fine-tooth comb and found 11 studies comparing the results of both positions in a total sample of eight hundred men. All these articles had in common to provide figures on the duration and the flow of urination, while measuring the liquid remaining in the bladder once escalated fly. In doing the analysis of all these data, Dutch researchers found that, in the case of participants in good health, the position had no influence on the outcome. On the other hand, things were a little different for men with prostatism. Behind this name lie a series of symptoms, urination, due to benign prostate hypertrophy. When this gland that surrounds the urethra begins to swell, which is common with age, the flow of urine slows and may even become difficult, resulting in frequent passages to the toilet where are evacuated every time to small volumes. According to the PLoS ONE study, male prostatism victims benefit light to urinate sitting, perhaps because the position requires, especially among the elderly, less muscle tension for maintaining the balance: the drain flow and the amount of urination increased (what will reverse the assumptions of late Mr Barnes). The authors of the article speak with selected terms, a trend towards a more favourable urodynamic profile, which said noted improvements are low. Moreover, they conclude by explaining that the debate standing-sitting can be decided on the basis of the urodynamic criteria. . You should click the following resource to learn more on this amazing topic.

Abused children in his garage in Gubbio, in handcuffs 65enne.

A 65-year-old man has been arrested by the carabinieri della compagnia di Gubbio, in the province of Perugia, because accused of having abused children between the ages of nine and thirteen years in the garage of his home. The arrest dates back to some time ago, but the story is coming out in the last few hours also because soon there may be investigative developments that involve other people. The man, arrested after a thorough investigation of the carabinieri della compagnia di Gubbio, is accused of having taken advantage of the State of need of a family recently moved near his home: in Exchange for small gifts and some change the 65enne would force children aged between 9 and 13 years, brethren, of both sexes, to see pornographic films and to suffer sexual abuse. Teatro degli orrori a dark basement and filled with objects that the man loved to collect, out of sight and control of family members. The 65enne ended up in handcuffs has been framed due to wire-tapping and audio and video environment. Images recorded inside the garage and captured conversations made it possible to outline a clear picture and at the same time turbid: bad language and practice in making certain hand gestures indicate a belief that such activities are all already for some time. After the arrest of 65enne of Gubbio the investigative activity is not interrupted because strong indications lead investigators to delve into the life of man and of his closest friends who probably could have committed the same crimes. For sharing these offences with the arrested, would emerge from the latest surveys, may have been residents of neighbouring municipalities, even outside the region who, secure anonymity because of not being recognized, they could attend the House quietly, without arousing suspicion. . Extended text can be inspected visiting http://no.penisenlargementbiblereview.biz.

Police operations at risk games: Bremen solo in the penalty area.

With similar argumentative range the thrust is now discussed by the SPD Ulrich Mäurer. With his solo, not the local club, so Werder to take part in Bremen, but the German Football League (DFL), additional costs for policing at risk games he has entered a taboo zone, in the penalty area of a social debate. Alone with role model? The Red Green-governed Bremen wants to contribute to the cost for policing risk playing the Bundesliga as first German State. The DFL announces to exhaust all legal possibilities – the DFB is considering to take a match to the Hanseatic City. But as the Bill isn’t, is however not to be alone. Because in the background is always the general question of what events a company wants to have. Which can guarantee them over the monopoly of power of the State. And since a patchwork would be linked, immediately as it calls DFL President Reinhard Rauball, if every State makes up an own account for his police. If Bremen is asking for, what will not ask Berlin. Because Berlin officially stressed sports events are a hallmark of their city. Nevertheless, Maurers thrust records only an important debate. Namely that, as the rich become not only by World Cup winning soccer better can participate in those costs, which he himself provoked. With the Ministers was agreed recently that involved clubs and associations more in preventive measures and fan projects. A second way would be to raise a security levy (a euro?) on each sold ticket or each Pay-TV subscription. This is hard to achieve with a Bremen solo. But in this direction must be considered: because who has so much as the national sport football, which may still want to share. . For extra about this matter visit http://no.penisenlargementbiblereview.biz.