Experts: pension increase is less than expected.

Pension experts expect after details of the Sueddeutsche Zeitung saying that by this statistical effect the impact on pensions lower will be in the next year by about one percentage point. The pension increase would be two percent in the West and East, accepted only a surcharge of one percent would be. A pension of 1000 euros plus would amount to only ten euro so instead of 20 euro. A spokesman of the fact but assured that given the currently low inflation still a real boost will jump out of. The purchasing power of pensioners would get so still. The federal employment agency had recorded largely unnoticed new three large groups to 30 June 2013 in the statistics of the social welfare workers. These include nearly 300 000 people with disabilities who work for example in workshops. More than 30 000 persons who are employed in institutions of youth welfare or about vocational and nearly 80 000 to be added are mostly young people, a voluntary social or ecological year, or a Federal volunteer service. This is mainly to workers in the low-wage sector – and this is reflected in the next and next pension adjustment. How vigorously a pension boost fails, largely depends on how the wages and salaries per employee have changed after the so-called national accounts (VGR wages) compared to the previous year. The comparison of incomes by 2014 to 2013 is the decisive factor for 2015. Since 2014 these low-income new statistics are added, this reduced the wage factor in the pension formula, is initially negative impact in the purse of 20 million retirees. 2016 but this is reversed. The pension increase will be then accordingly higher, so that below-the-line, the pensioners by the statistical effects are neither better nor worse off after two years. . You should click this source to discover extra regarding this amazing matter.

Video: Step for step instructions: in the mouth, bag!.

For the pastry flour and semolina with 2 eggs, 1 Tablespoon mix cold water and 1/2 tsp salt, wrap in foil and let rest at least 1/2 hour. 2. vegetable wash, clean. Finely dice carrots, leeks and celery (3 mm), blanch the garlic in the pot in boiling salt water for 1-2 minutes. Spinach Blanch 30 seconds, well expressed in the colander and chop finely. set the water aside. 3. potato Peel and mash with the blanched garlic in a bowl. Finely chopped parsley and stir with bread flour, vegetables, 1 egg and 1 egg yolk and mix. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. 4. dough on bemehlter work surface or better with a pasta machine roll out thinly, cut into approx. 16 cm squares. Whisk 1 egg white and brush so that the edges of the dough. Filling in the center of the dough, put each 1 heaping Tablespoon which folded squares to triangles and press firmly along the edges. 5. pelmeni batches in a wide saucepan in boiling broth or the blanching water simmer for 5 minutes, turn, get out after another 5 minutes and wreak. Side dish: Fresh tomatoes with olive oil, onions and garlic tomato sauce cooked and seasoned with salt and a pinch of sugar. Iceberg salad with wild herbs (chickweed, dandelion, Daisy, nettle) and chive flowers, dressed with a vinaigrette. Close. Root data could be studied visiting the following

GDF Suez: Macron “shocked” by retired hat by Mat.

The economy Minister Emmanuel Macron expressed shocked Friday by the level planned for retirement hat of the GDF Suez CEO, Gérard Mestrallet. According the elements in my possession this retreat is part of the code Afep-Medef: it is a collective scheme common to more than 300 executives. Shocking the level planned for retirement, I understand it, the Minister said in a statement sent to AFP. According to the 2013 group reference document, Gérard Mestrallet will perceive after his departure from the Presidency of GDF Suez, 831. 641 euros per year to the title of his supplementary pension. I wish that the High Committee of Government of firms to take up this case. If it turns out that it complies with the Afep-Medef code, it is necessary to go further, also said Mr. Macron. Since may, 2012, our policy of State shareholder on remuneration issues has evolved. In this particular case, we would have not voted a such retirement. Under this new policy, the State as shareholder, to be exemplary and more demanding than the Afep-Medef code. I wish that Gérard Mestrallet draw all the conclusions, he added. The Minister also recalled that the right to receive this pension Gérard Mestrallet (had) voted at the Board’s September 20, 2011 and that the State had voted + for + on the instructions of the previous Government. It must therefore restore the origin of the decision. It is not on the side of the current Government, he ensured. > Controversy around the hat retirement of the CEO of GDF Suez. Extended information can be read reading

Squinzi: this is not the time of clashes, we must join forces.

"This is not the time of the clashes. It’s time to join forces». On the eve of tomorrow’s demonstration of the Cgil, President of Confindustria Giorgio Squinzi said the Union’s decision. In Lamezia Terme to baptize Unindustria Calabria, the new association formed under the umbrella of Confindustria, Squinzi said the positive judgement on the stability of the Government Law Renzi ("we must defend it because the moment is delicate and we need to stop believing in the future ‘) but has also invited to manipulate it," Incorporates in a positive way some of our requests, but we will have to re-enter certain components that appear to have been deleted from the draft. " Companies can change of course Squinzi claimed a key role of the entrepreneurial system to move up a gear in Italy. "Companies can make finding the course change," he said, condemning the "anti-minded company consolidated strongly in our country: as an entrepreneur I say it didn’t deserve, we are the best part of the country. Investment in infrastructure priorities and looking For the number one Viale dell’astronomia, most urgent interventions to china are two: infrastructure and investment on research and development, tangible and intangible. "The Government has rilevatoSquinzi-has the perception that the situation is very difficult. On the other hand this Government is in Office for seven months and we cannot expect the solution of all the problems that have been made over the years to become cankerous. Also talking to the Prime Minister I saw that there is a strong awareness. " But Squinzi held to clarify that ‘ Confindustria is not a political party, did not take place. Our is absolute impartiality from all political parties. " Expo opportunities throughout the country could not miss a nod to Expo 2015. "It is not only an opportunity for Milan, may be for the entire country," said Squinzi. "We have so much to do, see and understand, then all regions can benefit from this great opportunity». On the controversy related to the presence at Expo of the Riace bronzes, Squinzi said he was ‘ shocked ‘ means ‘ without giving a judgment within the terms of the question say that we must begin to think in terms more compact as a country and as regions». . For extended information regarding this subject check

By the signals that we have, it will be a great event, said the number one of the Fiom, Maurizio Landini, host of tv Republic), the leader of Confindustria, criticizing the initiative: If the Cgil has taken this decision, did his reasons and we do not express reviews. This, however, is not the time of the clashes. It’s time to join forces, he said. By far believe is the leader of Sel, who sees tomorrow’s initiative signals a change in direction: is social conflict expected to grow in the coming weeks, and from my point of view it would be desirable for the convocation of a general strike, which in Italy is not done by 26 years, against the governoRenzi. It seems to me that the time is ripe, he explained. There is a lot of Italy that is not told on tv, there’s a rampant insecurity. Tomorrow the world of labour and left-he added-will start kicking in and I think it will start a new story for Matteo Renzi. . Hundreds of buses departing from across Italy to the capital. Given the thousands of participants, some local branches of trade unions had to hire vehicles abroad. As regards reservations managed directly by the Cgil, there are more than 2. 500 bus booked, extraordinary trains, 10 more places in ordinary trains, a ship and two charter flights from Sardinia, together with hundreds of airline reservations from all over Italy. A total of over 150 thousand found participants ‘ organized ‘, not to mention all those who mobilized from the city of Rome and the Lazio region and all those who arrive from the rest of Italy and are gearing up at the individual level. A strong student participation thanks to the commitment on the part of associations of students and academics, as well as in parades and piazza will be clearly visible young of the Cgil with their xtutti campaign, labor, protections, rights, welfare ‘. There are two parades, one from Piazza della Repubblica and the other from Piazzale dei Partigiani, with concentration camps at 9 and departure at 9. 30, arriving in San Giovanni square, where the event will close with the intervention of the Secretary-General, Susanna Camusso. The first procession from Piazza della Repubblica will house workers from: Alto Adige, Calabria, Campania, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Lombardy, Piedmont, Sicily, Umbria, Valle d’Aosta, Veneto. The path will be: via l. Einaudi, Piazza dei Cinquecento, via Cavour, piazza Esquilino, via Liberiana, piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, via Merulana, via Statute, piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, via Emanuele Filiberto, piazza San Giovanni. The second procession will depart from Piazzale dei Partigiani and will be composed of employees of: Abruzzo, Basilicata, Emilia Romagna, Liguria, Marche, Molise, Apulia, Sardinia, Tuscany and Trentino. The location of this procession is: via delle Cave ardeatine, piazzale Ostiense, piazza di Porta San Paolo, viale Piramide cestia, piazza Albania, viale aventino, piazza di Porta Capena, via di San Gregorio, via Celio Vibenna, via Labicana, via Merulana, piazza San Giovanni. From the stage of piazza San Giovanni will alternate thirteen interventions before the conclusion of the Secretary-General, Susanna Camusso. Thirteen, young workers and seasonal workers, migrants and indigenous people, representing a cross-section of the working world to grapple with the seventh year of crisis. . Similar information can be found visiting

Beauty: 16% aesthetic interventions to remedy before operation.

Rome, 22 Oct. (Reuters Health)-it is not always good. In the field of aesthetic plastic surgery can happen that the intervention does not meet the patient’s expectations or that some unpredictable complication arises that makes it necessary to undergo a new retouching. According to the survey conducted by the Italian Association of aesthetic plastic surgery (Aicpe), in 2013 the secondary operations, performed to correct a previous gone wrong, were 16% of those performed aesthetic purposes, equal to 37. 884 interventions. Back in the operating room, patients have turned to the same doctor from which were operated for the first time in 31.1% of cases, while the majority (68 percent) preferred 9. opt for another surgeon. The relationship between the surgeon and patient who turns to him after being operated by others, is a delicate and difficult situation. The second intervention should be handled seriously and professionally to avoid creating problems for the first Surgeon, the second operator and, even more, for the patient, said Aicpe President, Mario Pelle Ceravolo. To properly inform patients and avoid unpleasant surprises or disappointments, Aicpe has developed a kind of vade mecum: plastic surgery-says the President of Association-is not a perfect discipline: despite being an objective medical science, acting on different individuals react differently to the same treatment. Even if one turns to a skilled surgeon, the result may not be optimal due to a particular patient’s tissue or, more often, exigent circumstances unforeseeable. The first Council of Aicpe, for doctors and patients, is to give more weight to informed consent, a document that brings the patient aware of the complications and risks inherent in the operation which is about to undergo. A consensus that explain exhaustively the risk of any intervention is a testimony to the seriousness on the part of the surgeon, says Pelle Ceravolo. So no exoneration of responsibility, but the testimony that he had accurately informed the patient. Second: in case of claim do not go to trial, as this usually ends up being disadvantageous to both sides. Find a settlement agreement is the easiest and cheapest way to avoid a long and costly proceedings for all, and its uncertain outcome, says the President. For patients not satisfied, the first option is getting rioperare by the same doctor: usually explains Ceravolo-Skin is the same plastic surgeon to propose a second corrective action, usually economically more advantageous conditions than would a new surgeon. If, for a variety of reasons, it is decided not to use the same doctor, you should choose a more professional experience, ensuring its capacity in handling cases already operated, with which to create a new relation of maximum sincerity and confidence. When you lose faith in a doctor and you decide to turn to another, you may not think that the last can perfectly solve all the problems and offer a magical solution: A second operation Ceravolo adds Skin-is always harder than the first, is like a tailor who must make again a dress cut badly earlier. If there was error must be recognized and the patient compensation of costs incurred and damage suffered. Between all the parties must, however, an honest relationship arise that will benefit both surgeons and even more so to the patient who may be assisted by new professional in the best way. . You can check this to learn extra on this interesting subject.

Additional payment for EU: outrage in Britain.

Payday is already in a few weeks, on 1 December. Then, Brussels wants to have a transfer from London in the amount of EUR 2.1 billion. What the Chairman of the British Conservatives in the European Parliament, Syed Kamall, terribly upset. Outrageous is this payment, outraged he to himself: this Government has an economic plan: we are one of the most successful economies in the EU – now and should be punished! While all people, France will be rewarded with a discount! Wating for the anti-EU party UKIP: She was very successful at the European elections in the UK. And she recently their first MPs in the British House of Commons, a defector from the conservatives. And in a few weeks, pending a further by-election because a further Tory member of Parliament switched to UKIP. Should Cameron be re-elected next spring, he let 2017 to the British in a referendum decide, whether the country remains a member of the EU or retires. Previously, the premier wants to negotiate a new deal for the United Kingdom but with the European Commission and its EU partners. While he wants to restrict about the free movement of workers, which would be difficult to achieve. . You must check this to learn extra about this amazing topic.

United States: a man with Islamist leanings attacked police in the axe in New York.

A partisan man of Jihad attacked policemen with an axe Thursday in New York, before being shot dead, police and the US centre for surveillance of Islamist sites SITE announced. The man, identified in the US media as Zale Thompson, had estimated in a video published the month last a site of Islamic Pro-etat (EI) that Jihad is a justifiable response to the oppression of the Zionists and Crusaders, according to SITE. Four police officers from the Borough of Queens were asking for a photo, at the request of a photographer, when the man arrived and, without a Word, attacked them, according to a release from the Town Hall. One of the officers was struck in the arm and another in the head until the police retaliated by pulling the man, killing him, said the police Chief Bill Bratton. He added that the investigation was underway on the motivations of man, aged about 32 years and with dark skin, and that it was too early to say if the attack was related to terrorism. A passer-by was reached in the back by a bullet and hospitalized, and photographer has cooperated with police and is not considered as a suspect, he still said. According to SITE, several statements issued by Thompson on YouTube and Facebook showed an ultra-raciale inclination in the contexts both religious and historical, and left thinking that it was turning toward extremists. . You must visit this website to discover extra on this great matter.

Ebola, German physicians: “failed to treat more than two people at a time”.

Keep tabs on the ebola virus and treat infected patients is proving much more difficult than expected both economically and the necessary staff, for this is impossible to cure more than a few cases at a time. Is the alarm raised by many German physicians who work in hospitals and healthcare institutions delegate the care of infectious diseases in Germany. "We were shocked by how much has been spent and how many hours of work are needed to ensure the care of an individual patient," said to local media a doctor of a hospital specializing in Hamburg, adding: "with this system, we could treat up to two patients at once". In Germany there have already been several cases of Ebola and its in Hamburg was cured a patient from the disease, but doctors stress the extreme difficulty of care due to the large number of complications developed from the patient, even after the virus was under control. In fact the cost throughout the treatment for 36-year-old patient has reached the exorbitant sum of 2 million euros, six times higher than that originally planned. In short, despite the German Health Minister reported that the country could also handle the 47 cases at a time, experience with three patients treated so far seem to give different indications. As pointed out in fact, physicians to treat a single patient are needed even more than 30 specially trained assistants per day, so it is impossible that each facility can treat more than two Ebola cases at a time. . You can read the following info to discover extra on this great subject.

“The Government wants to cut funding for dependent patients”.

"The intention of the Government to cut 100 million dollars from the Fund for autosufficienze not from 350 to 250 million, it’s a shame," declared Massimo Mauro, President of the Associazione Italiana AISLA, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, adherent to the Italian Federation for overcoming disability. According to the Association, the Government’s intention to cut the funds cannot be accepted because if confirmed "would leave without help and support thousands of patients and families, already tested by difficulties, economic, also determined by the disease, with heavy social repercussions". The 100 million euros to be cut in effects are few and are fundamental to ensure a care support to thousands of serious ill and not self-sufficient, including 6000 people in Italy are afflicted with ALS. " The complaint of the Associazione Italiana amyotrophic lateral sclerosis took place today during a meeting held in Rome at the Ministry of labour and social policy to attended by Franca Biondelli, Undersecretary at work and Enrico Zanetti, Undersecretary to economy. Massimo Mauro explained clearly that the decision of the Government would fix the National Health System. "Many serious ill, are not self-sufficient, they would no longer support for home-based care and in many cases would be forced to turn to welfare and hospital network with a consequent increase in costs borne by the National Health System" has in fact pointed out the President of AISLA. . For extended data on this subject visit