Ukraine crisis: EU Commission wants new sanctions against Russia.

The European Commission proposes new sanctions against Russia due to the worsening of the crisis in the Ukraine, should be decided on by the end of the week. The designated EU foreign policy Chief Federica Mogherini said Russia is not a strategic partner for the EU. I wish that it again becomes a strategic partner in the future, the Italian Secretary of State further. The heads of State and Government had already decided on Saturday that the EU because of the use of regular Russian troops in the East of Ukraine will exacerbate their economic sanctions against Moscow. The crisis in the Ukraine will be also the main theme of the visit of U.S. President Barack Obama in Tallinn, where he meets with the three Baltic heads of State together. The support of the United States wants to ensure to Obama Estonia Präsident Toomas Hendrik Ilves, the President of Latvia, Andris Berzin and Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite. The Baltic States fear a possible intervention of Russia because of Russian minorities there. When fighting between Government forces and pro-Russian separatists in the Eastern Ukraine had been within 24 hours 15 soldiers killed and 49 injured, told the Security Council in Kiev. Some injured Ukrainian soldiers were now flown by the Bundeswehr after Germany. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) also announced a shipment of medical equipment, field hospitals and protective vests. . You should click the following to discover extra about this amazing subject.

Photos of celebs: Apple and iCloud in the center of the controversy.

Such piracy falls at a bad time for Apple, which offers its clients entrusted a still larger variety of personal data. Apple began with e-mails, photos, office documents. It will go even further with the iPhone 6, which will be presented next week. The smartphone, coupled with a possible shows connected, could serve as a eWallet, monitor household equipment remotely and will collect health information. Apple agreed to heavy investment to build its storage centres, and is now challenged on a front that he still knows evil. For years, Macintosh were perceived as safer than Windows PC. Most of the efforts of hackers were concentrated on the Microsoft platform, where they could reach the greatest number of people. With more than 500 million iPhone sold since 2007, Apple has become a leading target. While Apple was not holding his punches against Microsoft in the field of security, its competitors remain for now silent and do not seek to take advantage. It is not certain that iCloud, delivered to the mob, is the only source of piracy. On a forum for discussions, supposed pirates well refer to the Apple service, but it could be a collective achievement involving other services. A piracy related to Dropbox and Google Drive, could deal a new blow in the confidence of Internet users and companies for storage remotely in the ‘cloud ‘. . Additional text can be read visiting home page.

Farewell to the criminalisation of clients of prostitutes?

But why moralist? After questioning 2,000 people, two psychologists at the University of Texas had arrived at the conclusion that there are 237 reasons to have sex, "I wanted to feel close to God" to "I was completely drunk! There is not need this kind of counting a little absurd to know that the reasons to have free intercourse are numerous and incredibly varied. I do not see why in there is not as much to have paid sex: discretion and more or less guaranteed secrecy, lack of emotional debt to one that gives you pleasure, possibility to ask any sexual service without exposing themselves to the moral blameworthiness, consent of the parties (so to speak) on permitted and prohibited actsetc. You want to dictate to the citizen the best way to have a relationship sexual, free and not charged in the case, returned to spend a form of moralism of hardly acceptable state in a secular and pluralistic democracy. We can add that the sex work is not, in itself, an infringement of the dignity of women or men, although the brutal operating system that accompanies it generally but not necessarily is obviously criminal. Do not forget that if sex workers often suffer considerable harm, they do to cause none by their activity which consists in giving pleasure and not suffering. . Original source can be read clicking this source.

The FBI and Apple investigating piracy of photographs stripped of stars.

The U.S. federal police and Apple investigate since Monday on the extensive piracy of dematerialised databases of U.S. computer giant, which led to the dissemination of photos of dozens of barren American stars. According to several U.S. media, hackers have delved into the databases of the iCloud of Apple, cloud computing service which is to store information on remote computers. But other operators could also be affected. We take very seriously the privacy of our users and we’re actively investigating, said Natalie Kerris, to Apple’s spokesperson, according to the website of information Re/code. Other media, the federal police conducts its own investigation the FBI is attentive to charges of computer trespassing and illegal dissemination of documents concerning prominent personalities, it deals with the subject, said Laura Eimiller, spokeswoman for the FBI in Los Angeles, cited by the Los Angeles Times. Any other comments would be moved at this stage of research, she added. Some photos had already circulated on the internet while others appeared to be false, but several prominent stars have expressed their outrage and threatened to prosecute. This is a flagrant violation of privacy. The authorities were contacted and undertake legal action against all those who publish stolen pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, said his agent to the information people TMZ site. Sunday evening, Twitter had already begun to suspend accounts with a link to photos of the star, said the website Mashable. Alleged victims of these hacks would include Avril Lavigne, Amber Heard, Scarlett Johansson, Wynona Ryder, Hayden Panettiere. Some media also cite the names of Hillary Duff, Jenny McCarthy, Kaley Cuoco, Kate Bosworth, Keke Palmer and Kim Kardashian. -Threats of prosecution-L’ lawyer Kate Upton, Lawrence Shore model, has notified via US Magazine: we intend to continue by all means at our disposal persons who disseminate or create these images. American singer Victoria Justice has asserted the falsity of these pictures meant the show naked. Similarly, a spokesperson for the actress and pop star Ariana Grande said that the pictures supposed to represent it were totally rigged. Horror movies actress, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, confirmed that several personal photos circulated on the internet condemning the thieves who have updates online. For those of you who look at pictures I had taken in private there are number of years, with me, with my husband, I hope that you are proud of you, she tweeted. Knowing that these pictures have been deleted a long time ago, I imagine the devious efforts used to find them. A thought for all those who have been victims of piracy, she added. The extent of piracy was highlighted Sunday when users of the forum 4chan – which became known as the cradle of hackers Anonymous and has been repeatedly criticized for its misogyny – began to publish pictures. Some public sites info and entertainment were engaged, sometimes publishing links to the offending photos before you delete their pages facing threats of prosecution and the General indignation. According to the Gawker gossip site, users of the platform by anonymous sharing of photos stolen women AnonIB boast to be the authors of the piracy since last week. Hidden behind pseudonyms, many of them allegedly even tried to sell or trade them with other Internet users. The website technology information The next argued that the pirates would have identified a flaw in the service locate my Apple iPhone, an application that allows to remotely locate lost or stolen smartphone. Apple has corrected this bug, added the site, but too late to prevent spread of the new community of hackers. But other media questioned the origin of these pictures, arguing that they would come from different sources – and perhaps not all of piracy of iCloud, and could have been collected for several years. The extent of piracy and the fact that women in show biz have been referred revives the debate on the protection of privacy and misogyny on the canvas. And it is a new obstacle for operators who are conducting campaigns to ensure the safety and security of the data stored on their servers like iCloud, DropBox or GoogleDrive. . You must visit the following hyperlink to learn extra about this amazing matter.

Relatives disoriented facing reform.

"I do not know what will make my daughter today at school. No information, nothing, zero. "Angelique, mother of a small Lucie in CE1 to the Reine, in Seine-et-Marne, décolère not. His daughter, beside Fontainebleau school, inaugurated this year the reform of school rhythms. Tuesday and Thursday, they are supposed to do extracurricular activities. Except that it is not known what they will do. And other days, they end up at 2: 45 pm. In nature until the evening", continues the mother. Result, to organize, it provides be compelled to leave work as early as 4: 30 p.m. to care for her two children, she raises alone. "You can imagine the head of my employer. The closet watching me,. Even if I take my work home, as soon as children are lying! At 9 p.m., I take my computer to purge my emails and finish my tasks. If I could, I would pay a nanny, this comfort me and would not hurt my career. But I can not assume. The reform is extremely punitive to single parent families. "Facing the new organisation of school time, each fits with varying degrees of ease. "Well it is organized, what want I tell you!Storm Virginia, mother of four children in the Hauts-de-Seine. Like her, many parents regret including holiday Wednesday. "It’s especially hard for my great, who returned to grades 3. Classes end at noon and the canteen does not relay. No child care rather than the afternoon. We must review the planning of the nanny, says Virginia. "I will no longer spend my Wednesdays with my grandchildren, it breaks my heart," regrets his side the grandmother of the family. Navy is the mother of two girls who go to school in Saint-Ouen in Seine-Saint-Denis. His daughters are going to start school later and finish earlier. After its accounts, it decided to abandon the baby-sitting to engage a girl aupair. "It has the air of nothing like that, but an hour of babysitting a day, it is huge, testifies the woman. ” I chose to take a girl au pair. It would be so expensive in Babysitting that we decided to pay 300 euros per month unejeune au American pair that will make many more hours of custody, which will take them to their activities, etc. And who will learn to speak English to my daughters! This is a possible solution for people who have had a bit of luck and who were able to stay big. With us, it will have its own room with its own shower. "In the salary of the young au pair, it should, however, add the costs of housing, food, laundry, etc. And note that the sum is not fiscally deductible as are the hours of babysitting. Jérôme, father of the 19th arrondissement of Paris, has managed to arrange with his girlfriend to keep their children, but finds her children "lost" against reform. "I hope that this year it will be better," he says. In Paris, the organisation of school time change took place as early as September 2013 and did not to happy. "I did not overwhelming the school. She does what she can with the means they give him, that is very little. But in my children’s school, they find themselves doing exactly the same thing on the extracurricular time than during conventional evening workshops. Concretely, this means that after school my daughter can follow up with a lesson in theatre on extracurricular time then a second theatre in the evening workshop workshop. Children spend their lives in the workshop at the time! It is stressful, think shoes special Circus on Tuesday at the disguise for the theatre Wednesday,. Worse, those responsible to take extracurricular time are not the most qualified. In my school, asked the Lady to monitor children during the lunch break to animate a workshop day to the next, knit. "A sense of disorganization that sharing Neila, mother of three children in Clermont-Ferrand:"extracurricular activities are the lively daycare, sighs it, and we are asked to pay for it! Of course, is that 15 euros per year, but still. "In La Ciotat, Bouches, parents of students to organize among themselves to no longer have to send their children to the canteen. "With the reform, the cost of all activities has increased, explains Sabrina. The school remains free, but all services autour became pay. Before, the daycare lunch was free, it was paying for the meal. I have three children, this would cost me 12 euros per day for meals and care, I can’t provide. So is rotation between parents to lunch small. » . You must read the following to learn extra about this amazing topic.

World Basketball: Egypt, an opponent of second plan for the France.

After first two matches against teams from foreground, the France will have a short respite against Egypt, a team that should pose no problem to the gentlemen’s basketball Monday World Cup (18 h 00) in Granada. Egypt, runner-up of Africa, do not shoot in the same category as the Brazil and Serbia, the first two opponents of the French. His last participation in a world dated back to 1994. With a group composed exclusively of players on the national soil, Egypt, 46th in the Fiba rankings, is one of the weakest teams in Spain. She suffered terribly during his first game against Serbia, which easily won (85-64) without never speak frankly. Egypt aligns a set young, inexperienced and lacking sorely needed size and physical impact. It is heavily handicapped by the absence of Assem Marei, its holder pivot at the African Championship in 2013. The French, who historically were never comfortable against much lower prosecution teams, must essentially monitor back Ibrahim El Gammal, author of 12 points against the Serbia. . The composition of the teams: leaders: Thomas Heurtel (1.90 m, 25 years, Vitoria/ESP), Antoine Diot (1.90 m, 25 years, Strasbourg) arrears-wingers: Edwin Jackson (1.88 m, 24 years old, Villeurbanne), Evan Fournier (1.99 m, age 21, Orlando/NBA), Charles Kahudi (1.99 m, 28 years, Le Mans), Nicolas Batum (2.03 m, 25 years, Portland/NBA), Mickaël Gelabale (2 m, 31 years, without club) interiors : Florent Piétrus (2.01 m, 33 years, Nancy), Boris Diaw (2.03 m, age 32, San Antonio/NBA), Kim Tillie (2.07 m, 26 years, Vitoria/ESP), Joffrey Lauvergne (2.09 m, 22 years, Khimki Moscow/RUS), Rudy Gobert (2.13 m, 22 years, Utah/NBA) Egypt: leaders: Wael Badr (1.92 m, 35 years, Sporting Alexandria/EGY), Mouhanad El Sabagh (1.86 m, 26 years, Al-Ittihad Alexandria/EGY) arrears-wingers : Amr Gendy (1.93 m, 23 years, Gezira/EGY), Frans Abouelanin (1.94 m, 28 years old, Al-Ittihad Alexandria/EGY), Ibrahim El Gammal (1.91 m, 26 years, Al-Ahly/EGY), Sheriff Genedy (1.88 m, 35 years, Gezira/EGY), Youssef Shousha (1.90 m, 21 years, Sporting Alexandria/EGY), Moustafa El Mekawi (2.04 m, 19 years, Al Zamalek/EGY) Interior: Rahman Ibrahim (2.04 m, 26 years(, Al-Ittihad Alexandria / EGY), Ashraf Rabie (2.05 m, age 31, Al-Ittihad Alexandria/EGY), Haytham Kamal (2.07 m, 26 years, Al-Ittihad Alexandria/EGY). Related information can be found reading

‘I’m here to learn from Pep and become best player.’

The Madrid’s past. You can not compare a team with another. Long all I’ve learned and I’ve shared wardrobe with great players. But also there are many good here. I want to be part of this club, help and hope to all. I saw yesterday the match against Real Sociedad. I was surprised the result because I started playing very well. Ah ended his references to the white set, that is sure that Bayern can win this season in the Champions League, its main objective: I got the European Cup with Liverpool and Madrid, do so now with Bayern, be a sue or come true. In their four d as in M nich, recognition that knows few words on n. alem The t peak: Guten morgen, Danke. But who wants to learn r ask to talk with their compa eros. Certainly not as fast as Pep, but try it, brome. And trust be motivated to play in the Bundesliga: keep it since makes to you. After meeting the Premier, and the League, is the competition that I was missing. However, prefiri saved what he said Guardiola so you tip to come m nich and, of course, also their ancient quarrels: is normal. When you play at the Madrid your rival is Barcelona. He did a great job all and I have much respect. Now we have to work together. Everything is simple than it seems. That said, cortita and walk, as when playing. . Similar info can be inspected checking web site.

Charlie and the chocolate factory: a new chapter released.

But the number of children still not long ago to eight. Removed from the final version because deemed "too subversive", chapter sees quickly disappear two boisterous toddlers, sent into the room "where it flattens and there where we cut ‘ to be converted into square of soft caramel. Atmosphere. Published for the first time in 1964 to the United States, and in England in 1967, where it sold more than 50 million copies, Charlie and the chocolate factory is currently available in not less than 59 languages. His writing has not yet been any rest,. The book is rewritten for the first time after the young nephew of Roald Dahl has given a negative opinion on the story, and then abandoned after the death of her daughter, Olivia, who catches measles at age 7. In total, an estimated steps less proposal the number of tests that need to Roald Dahl to finish writing the book in its current form. Less bloody therefore. Moreover, Roald Dahl did not fairly harsh words to talk about editors ‘pedantic, obtuse and congested’. . Similar text can be inspected clicking

Roux (PS) regrets the contention of the slingers.

Bruno Le Roux, patron of PS members, asked Monday called its members to abandon the claim to compel the Executive to change policy, and regretted that the majority creates doubt and not confidence. Speaking on RFI, Slingers, Mr. Le Roux said: do not have the pretension to think that by organizing a pressure, the president of the Republic and the Prime Minister will change policy. They have a policy which they seek to be judged at the end of five years, they will carry it out with the support of a majority and we would do well to try to create trust more than doubt that we unfortunately too often for several months, he added. We will have discussions on each text. I note that we are we alone news, recent months: Socialists speak the Socialists, Socialists are divided, the Socialists are not agree, Socialists will not succeed in having majority,. This is not the right that prevents us today, it is sometimes our own behaviour, regretted the Deputy of Seine-Saint-Denis. He however predicted the Government a comfortable majority in the Assembly. . Additional info can be read reading

Meeting of the Ukraine – contact group in Minsk.

The Ukrainian President Petro Poroschenko had hoped from the talks in Minsk concrete results, both through an OSCE monitoring in the Eastern Ukraine, as well as a fire break. Kremlin Chief Vladimir Putin saw the meeting as way to this tragedy as soon as possible to stop, as the Agency Ria Nowosti reported. Putin said on Sunday in an interview on the Russian State television, goal of the talks must be to safeguard the interests of the people of the Eastern Ukraine. Promptly substantial substantive negotiations have to start it – not on technical issues, but regarding the political organization of society and the rule of law in the South-East of Ukraine, he said. Putin had reviewed the area referred to as Noworossija (new Russia), without however – such as by the separatists there planned – one to demand statehood under this historical name. The EU wants to decide within a week on additional economic sanctions against Russia. The Commission should make proposals to EU Summit participants decided in Brussels. The West accuses Putin, fueling the conflict and have sent regular troops into the war zone. . For additional facts regarding this matter read